Hungry Shark Evolution

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    Ubisoft Entertainment
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    Unlimited Money/God Mode
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    June 30, 2020 at 8:41 am
MOD Info?

– Endless coins and gems;
– MENU MOD features

    1. immortality (include before the start of the game);
    2. high damage (turn on before the start of the game);
    3. endless gold rush;
    4. endless stamina (turn on before the start of the game).

Long Shark is a creature referred to by humans as a monster of the ocean. We are always terrified of the sharp teeth of the shark, and the recorded scenes of the times the shark attacked humans. It can be said that people are afraid of this creature is not difficult to understand, because we saw many movies about cannibal sharks. However, you do not need to be too worried about this if you are going out in the waters with sharks, because this creature does not attack humans indiscriminately. Only when we angered sharks, or if they were hungry, so did humans become targets for them to attack.

Of course, that is what happens in reality. In mobile entertainment games, these rules are always broken. In this article, instead of giving you a more positive view of this terrifying creature of the ocean, I will give you a game that is completely like what people are often afraid of – Hungry Shark Evolution. Developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, Hungry Shark Evolution is a story about searching for food of Deep Sea Monsters. Maybe many people will think playing this game is quite violent and not suitable for many players. However, in fact, Hungry Shark Evolution only gives players moments of entertainment, fun and certainly will not have any discomfort at all.

The gameplay is both simple and attractive

Basically, Hungry Shark Evolution is still a game based on pure RPG gameplay. However, instead of transforming into a human character like any other game, in this game, the player will turn into… a shark. Yes, what you read in this article is not mistaken. The main task of the player is to lead the hungry sharks on a journey to attack all other creatures, including humans. Not this game players will participate in the process of exploring the endless ocean of sharks. If you still play the game of big fish, eat small fish, you will not take much time to get used to this game. While exploring the ocean, players must keep their sharks from starving by eating smaller fish, turtles, or smaller sharks. Eating smaller creatures will help you increase the level, size, and money in the game.

The bigger your shark is, the higher your chances of attacking other larger marine life. And in the game, the player will have to control the shark to attack other creatures with a virtual joystick. Initially, your monster may not have the high speed like other creatures. To make it easier for players to catch fish, the game developer has added another impressive ability for your shark – boost. This control function speeds up your shark in a short amount of time. Besides using it for hunting, gamers can also use it in whitening more giant sharks to attack.

The exciting challenges in this game

In addition to avoiding letting your shark go hungry, players need to avoid some other risks along the way. Specifically, the Ocean always has creatures much bigger than you, and more giant creatures may attack you. Not only that, but gamers will also encounter venomous creatures such as jellyfish, or fish that can attack like swordfish,… Also, the sea contains a few other dangers such as human traps, explosives, hunters, or “gifts” from Santa Clause,…


Besides simple and addictive gameplay, Hungry Shark Evolution also gives players many interesting features taste and unique

Discover all the diverse species in the ocean

Perhaps many gamers will be surprised with the ecosystem in this game because this game gives gamers a variety of species Various objects, including sharks. In this vast ocean simulation world, you will encounter familiar and popular creatures such as turtles, jellyfish, tuna, small fish,… Besides, the shark world dominates. Oceans will include Mako Shark, Hammerhead, Tiger Shark, Great White. These are all the most dangerous sharks in the sea

Shark ability upgrade system

It can be said that the highlight of this game is the power upgrade system and some fighting accessories of sharks. Yes, you can create a shark that is at a completely different level of danger. It can be said that adding accessories to a shark is a hilarious feature from the game developer. Because your shark can do anything, you can imagine. Some accessories allow your monster to use a gun, use special moves, or fly to the sky and attack human planes. With the weapons and accessories that the game brings, players can completely turn their sharks into creatures that bring horrifying obsession for both small fish and the entire human. It sounds scary, but I’m sure you will have a very stimulating experience to experience this feature.

Mission system and attractive rewards

Besides making money by performing the tasks given by the game, players can absolutely make better money in many other ways. Specifically, gamers can make money by attacking the yellow fish. This method often works quite well, because the number of yellow fish (representing money bonus) is relatively large. In addition, you can still make money by collecting artifacts lying on the bottom of the ocean. Each type of different objects will bring tremendous value to the player, but the number of objects you earn is usually not much. So this is often not as good as the way you eat yellow creatures.

Several other interesting features

What I listed above are all outstanding features. Besides, the game also gives players a few other equally exciting features. The first plus point that the game brings is that you can fully experience the game anywhere. With convenient offline mode, you can play games anywhere without having to connect to wifi. Not only that, if you sync your Google account with this game, players can continue to play on other devices with old achievement points.


It’s undeniable that Hungry Shark Evolution has a truly eye-catching and vivid graphics. The details in this game are shown quite well. Overall, players can fully feel the scenery of the ocean through this game. The colors of everything are quite bright and vibrant. Not only that, the contrast and saturation of the colors are expressed in good quality. And indeed, the graphics of the game will be even better if the player owns a phone with a strong configuration. If you find this game attractive, why not try downloading immediately to experience it. With the name Hungry Shark Evolution, the game will surely satisfy you about the image of a wild monster in the ocean.

All link download for Hungry Shark Evolution
Download Hungry Shark Evolution
V7.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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