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Update March 1, 2021 (6 days ago)
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Money and skill points will increase as you use them

The animal kingdom is home to a multitude of different animals that humans cannot discover everything of it. The animal is divided into many different species, and from there, they rely on each other to survive in the wilderness. Animal themes have also been used to develop countless different games and including Hybrid Animals, an animal game that I will introduce. This game allows players to explore its endless possibilities, but it is not realistic to increase the humor of the game. Players will build an animal paradise just for themselves, expand it, and collect more other animals for their heaven in this game.


The game has simple gameplay, mainly allowing the player to manage their animals and start raising them. All animals in this game are simulated from the wild world, but the game uses poly graphics, so they become funny and weird. Players will begin their journey in a randomly generated open-world, and animals will also appear randomly. There are many different animals to hunt, and players must know how to catch them to bring them back intact. The game will also add some violent elements, to make the hunting factor more realistic; if the player is overreacting, they will probably kill animals. But for the animals that catch successfully, they will automatically be transferred to the player’s paradise.

Animal paradise

The player’s animal paradise is endless, but they need to be continuously expanded to accommodate more animals. To expand, players need to have a lot of money, which can be gain from mini-games. The game will have many different mini-games for players. Mini-games appear in many various forms, thereby making the gameplay of the game more diverse and more abundant. The player’s paradise can be artificially added by the player to make animal habitats varied. Yes, players can delight in designing heaven the way they want, but they still need to follow some heavenly design rules. A paradise is a place for live animals, but it needs to have many different habitats for animals to survive.

Design paradise the way you want

Players can spend money to buy some artificial things like trees, lakes, terrain, etc., to make the environment more impressive. Of course, this game will also support professional editing features for players to freely design paradise the way they want. After the design is complete, everything will start working, and the player can start moving the hunted animals from the inventory and drop them into their habitat. Players must also feed them to grow and start breeding offsprings. A perfect paradise for animals cannot be made in a moment, and it must be built slowly. If players have endless imagination and have a passion for animals, their paradise will become tremendous, and all species will love the player.

The gameplay is not only for players to enjoy building a paradise for animals, but it also allows players to create new species. Amazing, right? Now you can combine two completely different species and create a new species. It is the Hybrid feature, which allows the player to combine any two animals, and thereby assemble them and create an entirely new species that carries two DNA lines of the paired animals. And what’s even more interesting is that players can match endless species of different species. This game will be a breakthrough for players to entertain with animals; they can create entirely new species simply and quickly, then repeat this process.

The new species will carry the characteristic of the parents, and the appearance will transform too. From there, they can survive two completely different habitats, and even they can be paired with another species to create a new species. The process of merging species is endless, and players can make their paradise more interesting thanks to the ability to hybrid new species. If you have a deep interest in the animal world or are curious to discover new things, this game will be a perfect choice for you. Join now, and start building an impressive, diverse, and vast animal paradise for the wildlife.

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