Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon

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    September 27, 2020 at 1:31 am
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1. Anti Cheat
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There are many types of construction simulation games, task managers, idle, and the like, but not everyone will love these games immediately. To create a special appeal for players, the game needs to include interesting gameplay, the environment of the game, and a gentle and friendly graphics. What about you? Do you love these genres? If so, do you want a form of gameplay like task manager or idle? And how do you love your surroundings? Have you ever had an experience in a game where the environment is in the wild west of America? I have no idea what your hobby is, but today I am going to show you a great game for you. As a great success of Kongregate, “Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon” is a game that allows players to build a fun, lively town somewhere in the Wild West. This is a game of the same genre as Idle Tycoon. Trust me; you will be very interested in this game very quickly.

How to play

You will start a foundation for a new town that is strong and constantly expanding your town with different industries. In the game, to be able to create a starting income, you need to build the necessary store such as General Store, Trading Post, River Boat. Tap on the General Store to produce the goods, after a while the goods produced will automatically be loaded in front of the store along the main street of the town. To earn income for these manufactured goods, it will need Trading Post, and it will hire a horse cart to collect the goods produced along the main road. The more stores that are built, the more the collectors collect.

After collecting all the goods that the carriage can hold, it will automatically return to the Trading Post and unload the goods in front of the store. In total, all the goods collected will be unloaded here. For the horse-drawn carriage to accommodate more items, you will upgrade the Trading Post, the number shown above is the maximum number of goods that the carriage can hold. But in other stores, that number shows how many items a production made.

Next is the most important building in the game, the only one that can bring you shiny gold coins. It is the River Boat, and its function will be to load all the goods that it can bring from the Trading Post. After completing the cargo storage, the ship will automatically follow the river and sell the entire item to bring and bring you money. The more the goods, the bigger the amount of money.

These are the first buildings to help players take the first development step in building and expanding the town. In addition to constantly upgrading existing stores, players can also build other more expensive stores when heading north. Including Tailor, Fur, Carpenter … the more north, the greater the amount of money brought from these stores. Players should focus on upgrading the River Boat, Trading Post, and the farthest store north.


Upgrade Shop: Upgrade is just another way of saying “buy a business” when you constantly upgrade these stores, the number of goods produced will also increase, the amount of money to bring is also increased. When you upgrade to the required level, the store will be ranked up. When rank up, the goods increase salary also increased.


These are the people who will manage the income of your goods on your behalf. Each store has its own manager, instead of the player having to tap to produce constantly, the manager will automatically produce for you. Managers can also be upgraded whenever they have enough character cards; to upgrade, it requires Pie. After a successful upgrade, the number of goods managed by that manager will also increase according to the multiplier.

Pie: this is necessary to be able to upgrade managers when they have enough cards to upgrade. To get pie, continuously rank up shop or complete game tasks.

Rewards: When you complete a certain task such as: Collect enough …, upgrade shops …, etc., it will be possible to receive chests from the task completed. Inside the chest will be the pie and manager cards.

When you complete the entire task assigned to the game, you can move to a new town if you want and rebuild from scratch, but the amount of goods is multiplied significantly.

Occasionally there will be additional rewards flying across the screen at play, and if you tap, it will randomly generate some gold based on your income.

In particular, the game will automatically operate according to the rule when you are away, the next time you log back in, it will show the amount of gold earned while you are away. So you do not need to log in to the game constantly to receive the prize.

Graphics & Sound

The game has a simple graphic design, suitable for all ages, with small, lovely character design. The decoration and design of each store are special, colorful, and lively. In addition, the game also has a very soft background sound, suitable for the atmosphere of the Wild West. If you are interested in the gameplay of this game, then what are you waiting for? Go and download “Idle Frontier” immediately and start building a vibrant town and develop it for yourself.

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