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Planes are the means of transportation chosen by many people on long trips. It may be because the benefits it brings are so great, for example, higher speeds than aircraft with up to nearly 300km/h. According to statistics worldwide, airplanes are also the safest means of transportation. Thanks to aircraft, people can travel between different countries around the world a lot easier than before. Have you ever wished to become a pilot to control a plane moving in the sky? In the fantasy, that feels amazing.

But it will be challenging to be a real pilot, so why not become a pilot right on your phone? Let’s come to the game Infinite Flight, produced by Flying Development. This is a developer specializing in aircraft-related games to give players a great flying experience. Coming to this game, you will be a real pilot to transport your passengers to safety. The game will provide players with an exciting airplane experience so that players can know what a pilot is.


The gameplay of the game must be extremely complicated; the game requires a lot of weakness to be able to get a good flight. Players will have to master a lot of different factors such as Wind Gust, Temperature … these are just natural elements only. These factors will significantly affect your flight, and if you are not careful, it may cause an aircraft accident. For example, if a strong wind passes through, if the user does not know how to customize the engine accordingly, it may occur the aircraft tilting phenomenon. In the game, the aircraft control factor is also a critical factor affecting the success of the flight. Honestly, it is tough to be able to control the plane in this game, similar to the difficulty of becoming a pilot in real life. Unlike racing games that players have to control their cars to race with other players, in this game, players have to control the whole plane.

Maybe these racing games will be very difficult, but the difficulty of the game is at a different level. Players will have to spend a very long time to practice and master the control of the aircraft in the game. To be able to take off the aircraft, the player will have to control the plane going to the runway to get momentum for takeoff. Please use the lever on the left side of the screen for the aircraft to move. The higher you go, the faster the speed will be. Once the plane has a speed required for takeoff, the player should customize the flaps to form an angle of about 30 degrees to take off. This is when the difficulty of the new game begins, players will have to control their aircraft in accordance with the flight has been set. Most of the players will usually lose right after taking off because it is impossible to control their plane and make it crash to the ground. This will cause all passengers in the flight to die, and the aircraft will be destroyed. But everything will be okay because the player is in a game. Players will need to start the game again, and everything will be fine, after a few accidents, players will gradually learn how to control their aircraft.


Flight Simulation

The task of the player in the game is to carry passengers to the designated location when doing so, and the player is considered to have completed his or her mission. But in the game there will be long flights, such as London – Tokyo, the trip will last for 11 hours. But once you can take off, everything becomes more natural with autopilot.

Diversified Aircraft

Coming to this game, not only can control normal commercial planes, but players will also experience the feeling of controlling military aircraft as well. These planes will have a much higher speed than commercial aircraft and will also be a lot freer. Because of not being restricted by fixed routes, players can do everything they like.


Infinite Flight has a very realistic 3D graphics format, from the aircraft in the game to the scenes of the earth that are utterly perfect. The game will give players the feeling of watching a high-quality video, not playing a game anymore. The effect of the game has also been polished very smoothly to provide players the best experience. Infinite Flight will be a game for those who like to fly freely in the sky.

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