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The second decade of the 21st century is coming to an end, social networking is becoming more and more popular with everyone. Among them, Instagram is one of the social networks that has built itself a firm foothold in the market. Instagram is a social networking site with the number of users ranked 7th in the world to date. This is a social network of images. Here users can share their own photos to the world. One of the features of Instagram is that the application will not allow users to download photos to the device, which shows that the application developer respects the copyright of the images of users. And of course, if there is demand, there will be supply. One way you can download images from Instagram to your device is by using the InstaSave application from “Meepo Dev”.

InstaSave is an application that supports downloading any photos and videos from Instagram and “Instagram TV” quickly and conveniently.

You do not need to create any accounts for “InstaSave”, you can use it immediately. How to use the application is extremely simple. First, open the Instagram app. Your job is to copy the link of a certain post from Instagram. In the next step, return to the “InstaSave” application and click on the download arrow icon in the lower right corner of the application interface. It will automatically have all the photos and videos from that post. All will be saved right in the photo library on your device.

The second plus point of “InstaSave” is that you can use all the features of this application without having to spend any penny to buy because this application is completely free. You may come across other apps with the same feature on “Google Play,” but it’s unlikely that those apps will allow you to use all those features for free.

The application possesses an extremely friendly interface and easy to see. You can completely discover how to use it easily from the first use. In addition, developers in the near future will develop many new features extremely useful for this application such as story download, hashtag copy, repost,… It can be seen that “Meepo Dev” is very dedicated to the development of their applications. Note that this app is not affiliated with Instagram so please pay close attention when downloading pictures and videos. It is best to ask the owner of the posts you want to download before downloading them. The developer of the application will not be responsible if you infringe any copyright of any images or videos of the owner.

In general, although “InstaSave” is just a simple application, it has a function that the majority of Instagram users want.” With “InstaSave”, you can download a collection of pictures. photos of your idols, or beautiful pictures taken from famous photographers’ handsets as wallpapers for your phone, or even photos from the profile of the girl you’re in love with If you are a regular user of Instagram then this is an indispensable application. It is now available on Google Play Store for everyone to download.

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