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Perhaps most of us are familiar with Lego – a line of construction toys created by a corporation of the same name. The Lego name is abbreviated from Leg Godt, this is a key product of the Lego company first manufactured in 1949. With colorful bricks and creative gathering, this is one of the most popular forms in the world in general and young people in Europe in particular. Not only that, with the creativity that Lego products bring, people also use it to produce movies, games based on pure Lego structure. Besides, many famous movie titles, special movie stories are also adapted, shown by extremely outstanding Lego images and especially attracted the eyes of the majority of young people. But instead of talking too much about movies, I’m going to introduce you to a more effective, rational-based Lego theme entertainment than you have to pay for an expensive Lego set – a gameplay entertainment on mobile. Currently, on the mobile game market, there are many good games for Lego fans, but for you to not have to search, I will recommend you an extremely attractive game: Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. If you sit down and start searching for the keywords of this game, I dare increase you that you will not hesitate to download this game, because the game was released by an extremely famous developer – Gameloft SE.


Basically, Legacy Lego gives players a pure RPG game, but not an ordinary offline game, this game was created to connect people in the same way that the Lego assemblies made. The game takes players to an open world – where players can create almost anything. As the title of the game – Heroes Unboxed, the game gives players a lot of options to unbox. There will be many universes that are inspired by various blockbusters. In each universe, players will find many different celebrities including superheroes, ninjas, pirates, astronauts, and so on. It can be said that the diversity of numbers alone the number of characters, the game was enough to overwhelm and make a very strong impression on the long-time fans of Lego games. Coming to this game, gamers will be involved in matches in the turn-based genre very attractive and evocative. Lego Legacy always wants to direct players to the top battles with interaction with other gamers around the world. So, you will never have to fight alone, there will always be teammates always by your side, even though it may be a stranger. To coordinate well and create a victory advantage in the arena, you and other players always have to devise a reasonable strategy before you want to start a certain battle.

By text or voice chat system, gamers can connect and discuss a specific strategy together. Not stopping there, the game also gives you a lot to brag to friends and opponents. Basically, Lego always leads players to creative play, so gamers can not only participate in exciting battles but also collect and build the works you love. The game possesses an extremely unique and unique set of Lego models, sometimes you will encounter new and eye-catching models that you may have never encountered in real life. In addition, the game also gives you a relatively massive storyline system. Through the Campaigns system with many separate levels, the game will take you to vast worlds, promising to bring you unforgettable experiences.


Of course, the main factor that players pay the most attention to when selecting an attractive game is the special features that the game can bring. Because the game was released by the famous game maker Gameloft, the game’s feature system is very meticulously and elaborately accomplished. The first thing that impressed me with this game originated from the skill system of the character. Unlike other Turn-based games, where the skill system is relatively monotonous and boring, Lego Legacy gives players a unique skill system for each character that is extremely unique and eye-catching. You will be surprised by the moves when the attacking character is designed in an extremely vivid and detailed 3D graphics.

Typically, the Ninja character you can see in the trailer, just that Ninja guy shows some basic, honest fighting styles, for veteran and experienced players like you and me, the character’s movements are very realistic and very clear. Not only that, this game also allows you to upgrade the power of the character. If just increasing the character index is not enough, you also need to upgrade the skill system so that the character can show his full potential. And not only limited to it, you can also open many different characters. The game will not force you to experience a character from start to finish, but instead, you can choose to buy or unlock other characters.

However, there will still be a certain limit of this feature, ie gamers can not create a fictional character according to their wishes. Because if you do that, it will be very difficult for the manufacturer to control the ultimate system of the character or it is difficult for the game to operate in a balanced position. In addition, fans of Lego games can also build real sets and unveil their secret abilities. There are many famous Lego sets integrated into this game including the vibrant and crowded LEGO City, the magnificent and splendid LEGO Castle, LEGO Ninjago with bold martial elements and classic architecture, the famous LEGO Pirate. burst with uncompromising battles, and LEGO Space – featuring modern spaceships and vast space.


Once again the Lego Legacy game has created an extremely deep highlight in the eyes of players because of the true Lego graphics with a film-like character. It can be said that the game is impressive for many players because of its extremely clear and vivid graphics. Perhaps the experienced gamers will not be too surprised by the image quality of the overall game, because this game was created by the close cooperation between LEGO Company and the blockbuster maker Gameloft. In general, the eye-catching game brings not only a mobile game but in fact, the whole game is like a multi-part movie. It can be asserted that the graphics of Lego Legacy is almost similar to the graphics platform that appears only on the PC / Console games. The color of the game is extremely fresh and vivid. Contrast and color saturation are all noted in high quality.

To be honest, the image quality that the game brings is at an almost perfect level, it is difficult to find the missing points in this game. It can be said, Lego Legacy is a game that is completely worth downloading, because the game not only gives players a fascinating, attractive gameplay but also enough to satisfy those who Play fastidious by the vivid and colorful Lego world.

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