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Romance in love is always something that any couple wants to have. But do you think you really know all the ways to be romantic? The truth is that even I can’t assert that I’m a romantic person. However, because of this, I love to read stories related to love and about the issues surrounding their love. So do you like being immersed in stories like me? Currently, on the phone, many interesting games are talking about this topic. Because of the modernity of smartphones, we can now experience games with eye-catching and realistic graphics, and of course, the game I’m about to introduce is the same. Called Lovestruck Choose Your Romance and was developed by Voltage Entertainment, this is a game that simulates romance I think you should give it a try.


Basically, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance has straightforward gameplay, because this game does not bring action elements, or need players to think of reasonable strategies. It can be said that the gameplay of this game is the simplest that you can search on the phone platform. Because most of the time you spend on this game is to follow a love story and situations around the character’s relationship. Of course, for the game to be exciting, the developer of this game will need you to make choices or make decisions at essential moments in the game. And the only thing you can do is sit back and watch as the story progresses. For some gamers who like to entertain themselves with games that require a lot of exercise and thinking, this genre of game is definitely never on their list of games. However, if you are a lover of romantic stories and want to be a part of that game, then this game is the game you have been looking for for so long.

Besides, the highlight of this game does not come from a specific story at all. Yes, I mean, you will be able to discover more than one story, even dozens of love stories in this game. So, after enjoying a specific story, you absolutely can continue to enjoy this game with a lot of other love stories. Not only that, the romantic stories that you can enjoy in this game are not only everyday love stories but also love stories of many types of characters and fiction situations. It will be great when you can enjoy exciting details in the love story of the beastman of gay couples, and of course, the game also includes stories that you have never thought of. In my opinion, this is a game with many of the most interesting love stories I have ever known. I guarantee that, with the gameplay and the rich content that this game brings, you will have the most exciting and exciting experience that you cannot find in other games.


Besides simple and addictive gameplay, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance also offers players many other exciting features.

New stories for you to explore at any time

Of course, because this is a game that is more about storytelling and simulation, so the first feature that the game brings is a lot of exciting stories. Taste and originality that you can search in this game. With the promise of bringing any romance you want, the developer has continuously been incorporating a lot of love stories from many different situations. You can find many true and everyday love stories through the stories in the categories Gangster Romance, Starship Romance, Heist Romance. Besides, if you like fiction or mythical stories, you can find the types Supernatural Romance, Fantasy Romance, Magical Romance. In general, these stories have a bit of fiction, and that is the main highlight that makes it interesting. And I guess you don’t hate it the same way I do.

Several other interesting features

Besides tracking the content and developments of the stories, as I mentioned, you can also influence the timeline of the stories by making choices. Choose your own. Each option you make, the progress of the problems in this game will move in a different direction, and that is the feature that any player will feel excited. Besides, with the love story of more than 60 unique characters, each individual has different personalities, and this difference makes the game interesting because it has a high level of authenticity. Also, the game has some other features that I think you should download the game to your smartphone to better experience this game.


In my opinion, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance does not have any defects in image quality. By building a 2D character with vivid and detailed cartoon drawings, the stories happening around the character are obvious. Besides, this game is primarily about storytelling, so the movements of the characters are well presented at a basic level.

So are you interested in this game? If you want to enjoy the romantic love story, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance is a game that you should not miss.

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