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In the film, the Mafia is often portrayed as people with a lot of power and secret heroes. But what about the truth? Is the life of the mafia-like what players see on film? The game Mafia City is exactly a game that portrays what a mafia’s life is like. When coming to this game, players will experience the life that the mafia has to go through, from ordinary things to fight to expand the gang. Everything about the mafia is present in this game so that players can experience and get the best view of the mafia.


Players who come to the game will be able to play the role of a massive city boss and a person who holds a lot of power. But this place is very lucrative and attracts a lot of other bosses to come here to rob the player’s area. Among them, only one person can threaten the top position of the player; it is Maroni – another tycoon of this city. The game started with a fierce battle of both sides, that is your side and Maroni’s side, after a while of fighting, your side won. All of his juniors were defeated, but he still managed to escape from the player’s pursuit. He is secretly building another army to return and rob everything you have created.


The task of the player when coming to this game is only one thing is to make your growing gang. Because the player is a tycoon of a giant gang, every decision you make will affect your entire gang. Therefore, players need to think carefully before making a decision related to the development of the gang. To develop a gang, what the player must have his money, the more money, the more facilities you can build. But to get money, the player will need to do the tasks given by the game, completing them, the player will have more money. There are many facilities that players need to build in the game, but they will be locked and unlocked only when the player reaches the required level. When completing the mission, in addition to money, the player also receives additional EXP, when accumulated enough EXP, the player will level up.

There are very important things that players need to build in the game if the gang wants to thrive. Like Counterfeiter, this is where players make money to use. The army is also indispensable in the game, to be able to train the army, the Biker Camp is the need to build. This place is where players can create soldiers for your army. There is one more thing that will greatly affect the player’s gang, which is your fame. The higher the fame, the more people follow the player and will quickly grow the gang. Also, the higher this number, the more players will receive respect from the police, which is very convenient for business.

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