Magic Brick Wars

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    1.0.68 b506
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    October 17, 2020 at 3:22 am

Game developer Halfbrick Studios is no stranger to gamers thanks to popular games like Fruit Ninja or Fruit Ninja Fight iOS. Now recognizing the potential of the tactical fighting game series, Halfbrick Studios has launched Magic Brick Wars – a real-time multiplayer strategy game that brings a crazy world of Raskulls and fun, exciting experiences for players.

How to explore the cave

Coming to Magic Brick Wars, you will have an army of heroic characters modeled after real heroes in history, possessing many unique abilities as well as different strengths. Players will use the cards while fighting, these cards represent many things including heroes, soldiers, spells and various defenses such as sneaky Ninja, mighty Viking, spray dragon fire and more. Don’t forget to collect as many cards as possible, upgrade them to build a perfect set of cards using Forge to craft powerful gems (collected by exploring dungeons) and develop a strategy to defeat the opponent.

Using a character to control the main, the player’s goal is to move and use the hammer to destroy the walls to create a passage to different rooms. Every time you break a wall you will face unexpected things that may appear including traps, black holes, fire but at the same time can collect more gold, money as well as life.

Feature in Magic Brick Wars

This game has many unique and engaging missions, challenging skills as well as the flexibility in using the players’ cards. The more missions you complete, the more interesting the rewards become. Initially, players may find it easy to overcome the assigned tasks, but don’t be subjective, Magic Brick Wars requires you to use strategies and strategies to climb the rankings and become the leader. Join battles against players around the world, make friends and challenge 1 vs 1 with them. Create your own empire by forming your own clan, where players can chat friendly with members of their guild, creating exchange battles to improve skills for members. Magic Brick Wars has events for parties to fight in the arena to win and dominate the rankings, becoming one of the top parties in the world.

Graphics & Sounds

Magic Brick Wars is a strategy game, but the characters are designed with chibi and bright colors, bringing harmony not too stressful in each battle. Especially the movements of the characters, spells such as spitting fire, lightning are also extremely flexible and realistic, meeting the requirements of the player. Players are also free to choose the color of the background of the matches to be more personalized.

It is undeniable that sound plays an important role in battles as it makes the battle so much more attractive, exciting and passionate. The sound in this game is highly appreciated for its attractive and engaging rhythm.

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