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  • Unlimited Money

Note: Using this MOD with enabled internet, you can get ban!

Do you often enjoy contemplative solitude with a small cafeteria while sipping a cup of tea? Have you ever sat looking at cafes and thought that in the future, you would definitely own such a place? Manor Cafe is a game from the young publisher Gamegos. They will probably be more popular with girls when the manufacturer has brought the majority of games on the theme of restaurants, coffee, dining, and fashion. Manor Cafe is a game of the Match-3 puzzle genre. As the name implies, this game is set in an old cafe. You will need to complete the levels to complete the stages of renovation, thereby owning a perfect cafe.


When entering the world of the game, you will transform into the owner of an outdated cafe. You have just bought the place from its ex-owner. The cafe is a large and beautiful place, reflected itself in the river. However, it was abandoned quite a long time. If invested, this will probably be a place that attracts a large number of tourists in the town as well as foreigners. So, you start to restore it to its original state, upgrade and scale it up again. Accompanying you is the butler Meg, she will help you with errands. There is also a chef who makes the delicious food of your restaurant.
Graphics: The game is designed in a graphical format of 2D. However, the characters in the game are depicted in 3D. The cafe is designed quite sophisticated and thorough with full details. In front of the cafe is a small road with an entire forest. Meanwhile behind is a deep blue river. This is a nice place to invest in a cafe. Besides, the effects of the game are also equally important. That’s why every move, including the character’s, the Match-3 matches’, is very smooth. Combined with the sounds, every move definitely makes the player satisfied and excited.


Entering the restoration and renovation work on the bar, you will have plenty to do from sweeping floors to cleaning tables and chairs, buying new, needed items. Every time you buy new things, you have the right to choose the colour of your choice. If you have already bought it, but you still don’t satisfy, that’s okay. You can press and hold to change the colour of each small item. To be able to do all of that, you will need to use Stars. Stars are what you will earn after completing each match-3 level. Besides stars, you also earn gold from the game. Gold is an in-game currency used to buy additional equipment to help players. The amount of gold dropped per level depends on the level of perfection of the game. Each game will require a specific number of moves. If you finish the level early, the amount of gold you receive will be more. If the move is over and you still cannot complete the requirements of the level, you lose a heart. You will have up to 5 hearts, equivalent to 5 lives. Each heart takes 30 minutes to recover. Of course, you can use gold or ruby ​​to fill up the number of lives quickly.


Manor Cafe gives you thousands of exciting puzzle games, bringing little wits and challenges. These levels are not considered as easy, so it can be a bit addictive. However, after stressful moments, you can relax more by decorating your cafe. Old furniture sets are replaced with more modern ones. For example, outdated wood processing counters will be upgraded to glass. What is more beautiful when all the decorations are the choices you’ve made. You are the one who chooses and decorates them all. It is satisfying, isn’t it? Through this game, you will have the opportunity to become a shop owner, showing your talent and taste. A collection of dishes and recipes will also gradually be opened during the game. Moreover, this game is fully playable offline. If you have linked your account with Facebook, the game will be synchronised right on your own account. This allows you to continue playing on other devices.
Play puzzle games at the same time with cooking and decorating. That is the unique thing that you can only find at the Manor Cafe. Who would know if the knowledge you learn from Manor Cafe might help you open and manage a real restaurant for yourself?

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  • Using this MOD with enabled internet, you can get ban!
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