MARVEL Contest of Champions

"Super Hero Fighting Game"
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    May 28, 2020 at 12:51 am
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Marvel Contest of Champions is a role-playing battle game with all characters taken from Marvel comics. A good idea to remember Stan Lee!

During the past ten years, Marvel has become 10 one of he’s big in the entertainment industry when this name has a huge market share in many different areas. Even the latest movie from MCU has achieved sales of over $ 2 billion and is targeting the highest-grossing film of all time, surpassing Avatar. Besides the film market, they also have a lot of different products to serve the needs of fans. At present, if you only need to log into any of the game download tools and search for Marvel keywords, there will be a lot of different results. They can be games from well-known publishers, and there are also products produced by small game makers. However, all of them received proper support from the players.

Best Super Hero Fighting Game

Marvel Contest of Champions is a top-rated game product released by Kabam Games, Inc. It has achieved a hugely successful 22 that has over 50 million downloads on Google Play. The compliments about the game are many when the player asserts that it gives the most real feeling, and is closest to the tastes. With characters that are so popular and are admired for movies, the game engine will update them with the most popular. As for the characters who are still a newcomer, they will not be able to match the content released on the comic. All of these elements are combined in a game that creates a balance that many players love. “MARVEL Contest of Champions” satisfies long-time fans (who have watched comics, knows a lot of knowledge about events and characters), and also neutral fans. Each game for them is an exciting experience.

For those with a little knowledge of the Marvel universe, it certainly knows the name The Collector. He is one of the Elders of the world with almost endless power and a monstrous hobby. There was a time when this older man wanted to witness one of the most significant arena fields in the universe, so he gathered the Super Heroes and super-evil people. “MARVEL Contest of Champions” describes the confrontation of the most anticipated characters. Captain America vs. Ironman! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spiderman compared to Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history have arrived right in your hands.

Team up, strategize with your alliance

If you’ve tried “Injustice” before, “MARVEL Contest of Champions” has the same gameplay. You will use the character and fight against it to win — simple control mechanism through integrated controls on the screen for mobile phones. You will not need to use any joystick, just combine strokes, and touches on the screen to be able to attack the opponent comfortably. When participating in a battle, each character has an HP bar that represents his stamina. Besides, there is also a percentage display so you can easily align the amount of HP you have left and make a decision for accuracy.

In addition to solo one vs. one matches, you can also call for more friends to create more exciting events. With the amount of skill and variety of power, every game has been extremely complicated. If there are many people participating in a match, it will create a much more unpredictable aspect. Join your friends to create the most active alliances. If you have a bit of Marvel content, build your own famous teams like Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four, … Your team members can control the people that thing and work together to create endless power. Game makers are also very sophisticated as they allow familiar characters a team in the story to have the skills to work together, to see if they work well or not. Then bring these teams to the battlefield for their own to receive the most significant rewards. They will help a lot for your next game. In the update, there’s something called “Atlantean Coral” that can help you unlock lots of precious items.

AAA Graphics

MARVEL Contest of Champions become attractive to players because it uses a kind of graphics to make them happy. The matches that take place in the game are always expressed with the character’s top appearance and placed in the most beautiful arena. As you know, each character has their unique skills to confront the enemy. The game expresses all that and gives you realistic confrontations. The beams came from the hands of Ironman, or Captain America’s shield, or Thor’s hammer.

Moreover, the game will clarify the character of the character through these skills. You will realize that the character will fight long-range, gladiator, or parry, … these types decide a lot about your fighting style. Choose the characters you love that suit those characters to have a style that suits you.

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