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MARVEL Super War is a MOBA game, a genre not too strange for many players. But what it brings to the players is an entirely new experience compared to many other games. The game is inspired by Marvel’s movies and comics, one of the two largest comics companies in the world. Because of the popularity of Marvel, right after this game was released, it has received a lot of love from players. Come to this game to experience the power of many different superheroes from the world of comics.

The gameplay of this game is not much different from the other MOBA games on the market that you have played. Each match will be divided into two teams, and each team will have five players. The task that the player needs to do is destroy the main house of the opponent to win. Or there is another way to win that is an overwhelming the opponent to make them surrender.

In the beginning of the game, the player needs to choose a champ to be able to join the fight. All champs in the game are superheroes from the Marvel Universe for players to experience. Some heroes have been made into movies such as Thor or Hulk, also those who have just appeared in the comics like Cloak and Dagger. Each character will have four different skills, different from other titles on the market that are like “Arena of Valor”. Allowing each character to have up to 4 different skills will make the game a lot harder. And players will also take more time to get used to the play of a character.

This game is very much focused on the balance of the game to make the player have the best experience. To avoid the fact that new players are hard to compare with old ones, the game has made the buff system for free. This means that players can adjust the buff system; however, they like to bring it into the match. Every player in the game can do that, and every player is the same, so there’s not too much difference between old and new players. So many players have come to this game, not only to experience their favourite superhero but also to balance the game.

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