Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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    Unlock, Menu MOD
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    October 16, 2020 at 3:16 am
MOD Info?
  • License check removed
  • Work login to Microsoft account
  • Working character editor
  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features
  1. Immortality;
  2. High damage for all weapons (including enemy mobs);
  3. Eternal instruments.


Undoubtedly, Minecraft is one of the best games of all time.

If there is one the most beloved game survey in the last 5 years makes sure that Minecraft will occupy a very high position. This game has changed the face of a dying game market. Its play is extremely simple, survival. In the past, when people entered a game, there was a tendency to think about what to do in this game. Everything is guided through tutorials and a solidly built task system. This means that players will know what they should do next to be able to achieve the rewards offered by the publisher. Minecraft is an extremely strange story that no player can experience before that is a game without a mission? So what do people play for when there is no clear mission for them to complete. But if you stop for a second and think about your life, can you see Minecraft describing life perfectly? You live for no purpose simply trying to accomplish everything you can to survive in this life. It is a novel philosophy that makes survival games viral and loved by many. If people have an unimaginable life, they can be modified and immersed in Minecraft.

A world in which I have the right to do everything I like, live a life I desire, build a world that operates according to the rules that I set. It has been more than 10 years since the first version of Minecraft was released until now it has been noticed by many people every day. A lot of different versions have been updated over time in 2019, and there is also a Minecraft version for children and a Minecraft using AR technology. However, there is still no version comparable to the original. This article will focus on re-introducing the features of Minecraft Origin.

The most outlandish graphics

There are many types of designs that people can tell based on the history of the game’s development so far. However, there is no combination of both strange and deadly players coming like this. 8-bit box blocks are designed in 3D format, but they are similar to the famous Pixel design. Perhaps people will think of such a monotonous and minimalist design why it is so exciting for millions of gamers around the world. Have you ever played lego games? Minecraft’s success can be explained similarly to Lego. The box blocks are simple but have very high customization capabilities, you can use them to make anything in the world of Minecraft. It is the diversity and richness, forcing players to learn by themselves, making it more attractive and attractive. Everything is no longer available but must be done, self-understanding, self-enjoyment. The world that Minecraft created is both familiar and strange, allowing players to play slowly and play games. You can slowly roam the pasture all day long without being limited by any task, nor driven by any danger. The tree can be found, waded into a lake or watched the horses wandering on the field. Everything is extremely poetic. But somewhere in the world, there are dangers that you need to care about.

These features have just been updated

In version 1.11, which has just been updated last month, the game will have a lot of new changes that make players spend a little more time to learn. Of course, it is necessary because not a comfortable way of playing and respect for creativity can exist forever. Some people do not like to go too far away from their neighborhood. So if there are no local changes, it will cause boredom. In general, it only needs to put the creation to the top priority and then edit anything.

A new thing is that the villages that will now be refreshed mean that there will be some minor modifications in the design that make them new and more interesting. Your world is so large that there are still inhabited villages somewhere. so you can venture out of your comfort zone a bit and look for people here. New villages across different biomes always lie hidden somewhere for you to search. Rest assured the people here are always gentle and do not attack you with zombies. Once you have connected with them, there are many opportunities to open up to exchange job sites, buildings, designs, and construction. It will help you quickly progress strongly and firmly in this world.

After opening the village, it was found that new villages try to enter and become close to the people in it. You must seek their trust to discover a refined trading system. This is also necessary because players sometimes produce more items than specified. That means you have some extra things that you don’t need. It is at this time to bring them to exchange to get what I lack. This will save you a lot of time and effort because you will not need to wander the entire afternoon looking for some wood, or digging your soil to get some iron ore. Also in the forest, there are many mysterious forces capable of killing you immediately. It is a dangerous act to wander too long away from my beloved home, which is not worth the trade-off. Do you know? There are wolves, demon birds and even zombies out there, if you meet them during the day, you still have hope to run, in the evening you can only die. So it was dark, so run right to your home and sleep. It has just recovered its strength but is safe.

The bigger threat has just been brought to Minecraft

In addition to the horrors of the species that are able to kill you right away, there is now information that a new species is more powerful than the one that once existed. Pillager Outposts has appeared and spread all around the Overworld. Never be wary of them because this is a ferocious, agile and intelligent species so they will have enough reaction to attack you at any time. There are two things that players can do in this case. First, never go too far away from your safety, if you want to explore or distant words, slowly connect with the nearby villages until you are in danger, you can immediately return. And when you go out, remember to bring weapons, things that need to be as strong as possible, always owning food and drinks. All these things are never redundant.

All link download for Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition
V1.16.40.02 (MOD/Final)
Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition
V1.16.100.60 (MOD/Beta)

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