Modern Combat 5

"Aim everything and up level"
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    Freeze Enemies
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    April 25, 2020 at 2:09 am
MOD Info?
  • Enemies never attack you in the game. (MULTIPLAYER does not work part)

The Modern Combat series is probably no longer a strange name for many players around the world. This is a famous game genre of FPS genre available on mobile platforms for players to experience. Although it is only a mobile platform, what the game brings to the player can be compared to the PC or console games. Especially the Modern Combat 5 part of this series, this game has received a lot of love from many players around the globe. If the player wants to have great shooting experience, this is the most suitable game.


In this game, players will continue to follow in the footsteps of Caydanfighters Phoenix, one of the most talented of the private company Gilman. As the world is threatened and every significant power in the world is controlled by the terrorist organization World Liberation Army. This is the organization that is threatening this organization’s safety, and nowhere in the world is it safe anymore. Phoenix and his comrades set out to save the world from the threat of this organization. But something happened, giving him a different perspective on the current definitions of good and evil. He has discovered a great secret that only he can undertake this mystery. Do you have questions about what is happening? If so, come to this game to explore all that players are wondering.


In this game, the player will only have a single task that is to destroy all enemies on the map to win. But it is also not easy, and players will need to combine many different factors with being able to do that. But the most important thing that players need to have is the ability to control the character and shooting skills of the player. Once the player has these two elements, the player can easily win without any difficulty.

This is similar to what players have done in the previous instalments of this series. Players only need to hold their guns to shoot and kill any enemies that appear in sight, until no longer anyone survives. But there will be some missions where the player will have to defend the hostage or do other things, which will make the player have a new experience. The best player should avoid all the bullets fired by the enemy if not want to be destroyed. Because the player will only have a certain amount of HP only, and when HP is exhausted, the player will die. If those things are too easy, players can experience other mini-games in this game. Players must perform many operations to complete these mini-games.


Diverse character classes

In this game, there are nine different character classes that players can use in the fight. Among them are Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, and Kommander. Each class will have different stats and weapons to choose from. For example, Assault will use assault rifles, or Sniper will use sniper rifles.


Besides playing alone, players can fight with other players around the world. Although this will be more difficult, what it brings will be very interesting.

All link download for Modern Combat 5
Download Modern Combat 5
V4.3.1a (Original)
Download Modern Combat 5
V4.2.2a (MOD, Freeze Enemies)

  • The game will download the data file of about 1GB on the first boot.
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