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For regular Instagram users, updating Story has become a daily routine. Even many people are always looking for the best ways to make their stories interesting and make a strong impression on others. Editing tools have been on the market quite a lot today but Mojo is still one of the top applications out there for its capabilities. If you are planning to make a video story, this is the best tool you will ever need.



Template plays a very important role to make the story more unique, inherently template is not required to appear in the Story. But for those who like style and respect, there will be more than 50+ different templates for users in “Mojo”. But only a static template alone can not make it different from other applications. The difference that confirms this application is dynamic templates that users can not find in other applications. Of course, it is intended for designing Video Story, so having a dynamic template is indispensable.

Video editor

If you still don’t have a complete video editing tool, you can still use the “Mojo” editor. It doesn’t have advanced features, but it should be enough to get you a good video to get started. Once you have a video that suits your needs, you can continue with the use of filters and effects.


The filter is tasked to change the overall colour tone of the video, creating a new atmosphere and style for the video. With a suitable filter for video content, make sure viewers will be more impressed and want to share them widely.


For an application specializing in designing Video Story, most of its effects will be in the form of dynamic effects. With a huge library of animation effects, users will always find what they need to design their videos. Even every week will update new effects for users to experience.

Do you think creating a video without sound is a good thing? Wrong, inserting audio into your video will make viewers more relaxed, more interesting and more impressive. Of course, “Mojo” will come with the ability to insert music into your videos, just select the songs you want and start pairing. Even while inserting music, you can still insert some dynamic effects to make the video unique and mesmerizing.

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