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For us, spending every month is a very important issue and needs to be meticulously planned. Depending on the income each month, our spending will vary, and if we, unfortunately, violate some of the rules, it can make life more difficult. And if you are a person who often has trouble spending money every month then I will recommend the application Money Lover. This is an app that helps you track your spending each month and list what you did each day.


First, you need to provide a purpose when using this application, it will constantly make different choices for you. Depending on the purpose, you can choose to control your own spending or your family’s spending. You can even choose a number of other decisions so this app can set up the fastest way to assist with your issue. After you have selected the goal, the next will be to create your first wallet. In this application, a wallet is a representative of a source of your funding, such as cash or bank money. Based on how you spend, create the first wallet for easier management. At the same time, you can choose your local denomination for easier tracking.

This application has a very user-friendly interface and is easy to use for beginners with this application. At the same time, its layout is also very eye-catching, making it unnecessary for the user to use the instructions immediately. Once you have entered all your available funds, you will begin with the tracking process. After you make a transaction, make sure to report it again so that the application starts to deduct. For example, how much you spend today and for what purpose you need to report in detail. By the end of the month, the app will sum up everything you have spent and started making statistics every month. You can even use monthly statistics to compare this month and others to gauge your spending.

This app is a perfect tool for you or your loved ones if you are having monthly spending problems. Start learning how to save money and only use them and the purposes necessary for your life.

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