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"Breed & collect cute dragons!"
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    October 14, 2020 at 12:27 am
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1. Always Win with 3 Stars




You know, if a game maker wants to succeed, just relying on one game is not enough, to succeed, they need to launch other games, maybe the same genre or have the same gameplay play first. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Dragon City? It is a famous game to help you build a dragon city for yourself. Raising dragons according to each habitat, feeding them, raising their level, thereby letting them pair with other dragons to create a hybrid consisting of two elements from their parents. But today I will not discuss this game of raising dragons, if you are a person who likes the same gameplay but does not want to raise dragons, instead of monsters. If so, today I will introduce you to a game from the same producer Social Point, which is Monster Legends. Instead of building a dragon city, now with this game, you will build a monster island with countless different species, design habitat and join them in the arena with people.


Monster Legend has gameplay similar to the Dragon City sibling, but if you have never played through DC then here I will introduce the gameplay for you. With simple gameplay, no controls, complicated moves, all you need is to tap, build and develop your island the way you want. First, by increasing your Monster population, start with building a living environment that suits that Monster. Each monster will have different elemental systems and they need to have the corresponding habitat to be able to live. The first habitat will be the fire element for the fire element monster.

After completing creating a new habitat, you continue to Hatchery to buy and incubate the first Firesaur egg. You can speed up the incubation time or wait after the incubation is completed, you will be allowed to release Firesaur into a suitable habitat for development. Although you can only hatch 2 monsters because this is the beginning of the game, you can create a hybrid monster between them. The monsters you currently have will be Firesaur and Treezard. To breed and create new hybrid species will require Breeding Fountain, to be able to pair, the 2 selected monsters must reach the required level of 4. New hybrid monsters will own 2 elements from the parent monster pair and may be placed in one or two habitats including that elemental system.

Breed, Feed, Raise and Train

To upgrade Monsters, we need Food, each level of Monster will need a corresponding amount of food to feed. The higher the monster level is, the more feed it needs to feed. You run out of food to feed? What are you waiting without building a Farm to produce Food? There will be many options to produce different amounts of food, the more food the amount of time, the necessary gold will correspond.

That’s it for raising, building and developing your own Monster Island. If you think the gameplay went there and ended up being wrong, besides, you can also choose 3 of your monsters to go on an adventure. In other words, fighting, when entering combat mode, will have a classic turn-based form. When winning, players will receive great rewards such as gold, food, and experience. Besides adventure, there is also the arena, where you that your monsters will compete with other players.


Collect over 400 monsters

To keep players motivated to take care of, build and develop their island, the game will always update countless different types of monsters. And players can also pair and create a different hybrid species from many different pairs of monsters. Every monster, when grown, will have a different appearance than when it hatched. In addition to countless different monsters, new types of habitats will also be updated, not only but also in different sizes.

If you only raise monsters to look at, it’s boring, isn’t it? The game also has an adventure feature to help players accompany their monsters. Besides adventure, there is also Arena, where the players compete with their monsters. There are also other great PvP modes like Team Wars or Team Battleground. Rewards are items that can be exchanged for special monsters in Team Shop.

The level of a Monster is unlimited, the higher the level, the greater the stat of the monster. Although the appearance does not change the index will continue to increase, but in return, the amount of food needed is greater.

Your level

When you get the exp from the building, hatching eligible will increase a new level, the reward for this is new habitats, new monsters and many other decorations to help you in the construction and design of your island. Not only that but the larger islands will also be unlocked. You will not need to worry about running out of space to raise monsters. If you always want to build a diverse and abundant Monster Island, Monster Legend will be a perfect choice for you.

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V10.5 (MOD V1)
Download Monster Legends
V9.5 (MOD V2)

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