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Update November 6, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
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After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features:

  • Disable attack and bot block;
  • Big damage;
  • You and the enemy can use skills, even if they are not already charged.

It has been a long time since its first launch in 1992, Mortal Kombat series has become one of the icons of fighting video games. This game is known for its violent elements in fierce battles. Initially available for gaming consoles and PCs, now Warner Bros has finally brought the game to both Android and iOS mobile platforms, which is free-to-play.

When hearing about a fighting game, certainly the first thing that players care about is the character system in the game. The game has more than 130 different characters from famous names to newly released characters. This is a huge number for a mobile game. Each character has a set of attack combos and different techniques. You can choose yourself a queue of up to 3 members completely according to your will. The card boxes will provide pieces of characters. All of them exist in the form of these cards and with a combination of certain pieces, the real character will be shaped. This is probably a form of space savings for the game’s developer interface because the cards will consume less space than 3D models. However, although in the main interface these characters are cards, in the battle interface they become 3D. This will help you still experience the top-notch violent match like the previous Mortal Kombat games. Each character will have two main indicators which are attack and HP. These stats will gradually increase over time along with the level of the characters.

Play online 3vs3

The matches in the game will take place in the form of 3 vs 3. Each character in the squad will take turns to battle. You are free to switch places during the battle. If any character’s HP is reduced to zero, that character will no longer be able to fight and must leave the battle for the other members of the squad. The control is very simple, you just need to tap on any point on the screen for your character to perform the moves. If you perform a complete combo on the opponent, you will have the opportunity to perform a special technique. The screen will show you a swipe in a specified direction. If you do the right direction, your character will perform the technique successfully. On the other hand, if you fail to use that skill, you will give the opponent a chance to payback. At this time, you must quickly tap on the phone screen with both fingers to block the attacks from the opponent. Although you still have to take damage when blocking, the amount of damage received will be significantly reduced. Try to improve your reflex skills to win in every match. Each battle ends successfully, you will receive a certain amount of experience and in-game money. With this money, you can use it to buy more character card packs to unlock more characters.

Many different game modes

The first game mode is the Battle mode. This is a single play mode. This game mode has about 50 different levels. Each stage you will have to fight at least 5 matches. That means to clear this game mode, you need to go through hundreds of matches with increasing difficulty. This will help players not get bored too quick, you can play as much as you want without limiting the number of turns a day. The second game mode is multiplayer. In this game mode, you will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other players around the world. With every win in this game mode, you will receive a lot of experience and bonus compared to single-player mode. This model has 4 different difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will be able to get.

The third game mode is Quest mode. In this game mode, you will perform various tasks. Each mission requires you to choose from one to three characters. These characters will take some time to automatically complete the given task. Each completed mission you will receive a little reward along with an equipment item for the characters. In addition, the game also supports a lot of other limited game modes. Warner Bros will launch a different game mode every season. These game modes can bring a storyline or make it be able for you to unlock a certain rare character. This is a great strategy from the developer to keeps the game from getting boring.


Talking about the equipment system in the game, you can equip the characters in your team with items that contain beneficial effects. These effects can be reducing damage received from toxins or increasing a little amount of attack damage to characters. Just like the characters, these items also exist in the form of cards. You can easily get these items through the opening of the card box or through the Quest mode as mentioned above. If you own two of the same equipped cards, they will automatically merge into one equipped card with stronger effects.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Talent system. It is kind of a form of a skill tree but it is simpler. There are three main talent columns: Offense, Defense, and Support. The Offense column will increase the attack-related stats such as increasing damage, increasing the duration of adverse effects on enemies, … The Defense column increases the defence-related indicators, including reducing incoming damage, increases resilience for allies, … Finally, the Support column will increase the multi-purpose indicators for characters such as reducing the cooldown time and reducing the rate of taking CC effects,…


In terms of graphics, the game possesses impeccable graphics. All 3D models of the characters are designed in a way that each character has a unique character. Extremely violent visual effects also contributed to the fiery battles. You can see the blood spattering every time the characters got hit. The scene of the battlefield is also meticulously designed from small details such as tiny rocks to the precise details such as the crashed plane or the torches in a temple…

In general, if you are a gamer who loves fighting games, Mortal Kombat is a game that you cannot ignore. Eye-catching graphics, engaging gameplay, and smooth, vivid sound effects, will give you a great fighting experience. Warner Bros surely did not disappoint the fans of the Mortal Kombat series.


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