My City : Wedding Party

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Weddings are an important holiday in life, so people need to prepare very carefully for this occasion. If you want to experience a grand and grand wedding, why not try the game My City: Wedding Party. This is a newly released product belonging to the branch of the famous My City game series. Are you ready to become the perfect groom at your own wedding? You will become a groom who is trying his best to organize for himself the perfect wedding. However, everything you have in your hands is not free but must earn by yourself. Players will have to participate in challenges planned by the quiz questions. These puzzles are not really that difficult, but it does require players to be really agile and patient.

Exciting places, rooms for you to explore

The challenge will take place in rooms where different characters will set all kinds of challenges for you to overcome. Do you dare to break into the Haunted Office Escape Room with challenges to prove your courage? Or do you have capable of the detective to explore is the dark plan in the Haunted Office Escape Room? In addition to those who always present challenges to you, there are companions. They will give you useful clues to be able to overcome everything more smoothly. Of course, this is just a simple game for children, so all the rewards you can get all.

This is a game designed in 2D, synchronized with all games of the same series. Just like games of the same genre, players can control the characters easily and quickly. You only need to touch the screen is the character to move and perform the operations you require. When the dead participates in the challenge, it can also be done by just touching and swiping. Thanks to this visualization, you can use it to entertain children in their free time. On weekends, clicking on the mother can use your free time to play with the children and educate us on many things in this world. If you want to search for other aspects of life, My City has it.

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