My Talking Tom 2

"Meet the best talking pet cat!"
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Are you a pet lover that can pay all free time for them? You want to have pets but your house is too narrow or even someone has allergy symptoms? So, introducing the game My Talking Tom 2 which helps you feel free to take care of a pet with no inconvenience.

Perhaps among us will be those who are too familiar with the games that have been making the market hot nearly a decade ago by the developer Outfit 7 Limited such as My talking Tom, My talking Angela, … Now,  My Talking Tom 2 is a completely new version of My Talking Tom. Surely everyone knows Tom with his characteristic feature is that he will parody everything that you say. But no, My talking Tom 2 is not just that simple. Remember the questions at the beginning of this article? Yes, this is a game that will help you satisfy your desire to raise your pet right on your smartphone.

The famous pet cat Tom is going on an amazing life adventure!

Initially, the game will ask what year you were born, in order to probe the age of the player. If the player is a child, the game will automatically turn off things unsuitable for age. And if you are an older player, you can experience all the features of the game 100%. Then the game will ask what your gender is, you just need to choose between male or female. The basic procedures for adopting a pet are complete. Now you will receive a box, open it. Inside that box is the cat. Now get that cat out of the box! Now your cat will feel a little confused and not very happy, play flattery with him by swiping the phone screen from the cat to the top to throw him into the air yet. This will make the cat feel extremely excited. After playing mini-games, Tom will start to feel hungry. Take him to the dining room in the kitchen according to the instructions of the game and feed him a carrot. Where does the food go after eating? I definitely have to get rid of it. Quickly take Tom to the bathroom to help him relieve his sadness.

The first day was too much for Tom, now take Tom to his brand new bedroom. Please gently put Tom on the bed, then turn off the light for him to sleep. After Tom wakes up, take the cat to the playground of your house and let him try to fly the plane. He will drive the plane to go for a walk, each time he will bring back an item, this could be clothes or an ornament. In your playground, you can let Tom show fashion with other cats. The winning cat will be decided by the votes of other players from around the world. In addition, this playground has many other features, this article will not tell you all because doing so will lose the appeal of the game, right? In general, the task of looking after Tom every day is very simple, you just have to play with him until he is hungry and feed him, help him solve the urination with him to bathe when he is dirty, finally give him to bed when he’s tired.


One of the great features of this game is the extremely rich and diverse minigame system so that your Tom can be entertained at any time you want. First, go to your balcony and click on the toy chest for Tom. There will be 5 different sets of toys. The first set of toys out came basketball. You will throw Tom the ball with him so that it can reach the basket to score a point. The rules of this minigame may sound easy, but it’s really not so simple. You can easily throw the ball to the basket on the first throw, but the next time will not be so simple.

The position of the basket will constantly change, you will have to calculate using the force and direction of the ball to the standard to be able to eat more points. The second and third toys for Tom are a trampoline and a swing. These two toys are very simple to use. For the trampoline, you just need to move it to the left or right to catch Tom every time he falls to jump back up again. The more you catch it, the higher Tom will jump. For the swing, you can pull the swing to swing Tom to follow any trajectory you want. Interesting, right? Tom’s fifth toy is a drum set. Usage is simple, you just need to click on each drum, or each gong on the screen for Tom to hit them. You can play a rock song and play the drums with Tom to have fun.

The last toy was a set of boxing bags. With this toy, you and Tom will practice reflexes. How to play this game is that you just click on the sandbag to Tom punched it. Pay attention to the timing of the sandbag at the right range of Tom to Tom to punch properly. If he slipped once, Tom would be hit by the sandbag himself. In addition to Tom’s toy chest, Tom also has a video game console. The device includes 9 video games with different genres such as puzzle, adventure, puzzle, … A simple idea game like My Talking Tom 2 has many minigames for such entertainment, making it outstanding moves of the developer.


In addition, the system of pet clothes and decorations of this game is also very diverse with many different choices. Each decorative item has its own unique characteristics. You can buy them in the store or get them through expeditions on the plane that you let Tom drive. As for Tom’s fashion, you have hundreds of different options to change his appearance. You can give him dyed hair into a completely different color and then mixed up for him nice brand clothes. Don’t forget that the game has an international cat show fashion show! As for decorative items, you also have hundreds of options to customize according to your own. You can give your house the style of an ancient wooden house, can also turn the whole house into a royal palace, …

Possessing 3D graphics that are not too heavy, very easy to see and eye-catching play easily captured the hearts of players by the cute chatter of the cat Tom. The strokes, gestures of Tom when interacted by the players are carefully and methodically programmed by the developer. Along with the cute lively sounds from the cat Tom in particular, but all the things in the game in general, the more the player will be attracted to the game with just those details. You can fully interact with almost anything you see on the phone screen, which makes the game friendly for all ages of players from children to adults.

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