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    March 29, 2020 at 11:11 pm
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  • In MyCAREER mode, you can buy items even if you don’t have enough money.

Every famous sport will have many games that replicate their style, including the renowned basketball game. And this sport will be simulated in detail, including rules and gameplay by the name NBA 2K20.

Just like in reality, to participate in a basketball match, the player’s basketball team must have a sufficient number of qualified members. The console will be designed in the simplest way to ensure the players have complete control of their team during the match. Basic operations such as controlling the ball, passing the ball, and throwing it into the basket will be added and automated everything to make it easier to manage the entire team. Of course, the player’s objective is to score the highest point before the game ends.

Besides, players must continuously build a squad and devise appropriate tactics to make the team move more organized and smoother. The roster arrangement will take place before each half of the match, but the tactics will have to be built continuously by the player during the game. Also, your squad must include players whose stats match their roles and positions. Players must continuously train different types of players to fill quickly in the holes in the team and easily change members when needed.

To help players know more about the NBA. This game will have many special stories for players. Each story will tell about famous players or teams with an excellent reputation in the basketball world. Completing these stories, the player can unlock some prominent players or some big rewards. They can even take part in several challenges to assert their skills. Many different game modes will make the gameplay more diverse and help players understand the style of each type of basketball. Each game mode has its own rules and the number of members required for each team. Each week there will also be some special game modes, which will bring some great rewards to make the player’s team stronger.

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V98.0.2 (MOD, Free Shopping)

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