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Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, better known as NOVA for short is a product Gameloft’s favorite. Released since 2009, until now there are still many people mentioning it. Two years ago, NOVA Legacy was released on Android allowing players to experience the game easily on the palm of your hands. The game is correctly adapted on this version so you should quickly download and experience.

About the genre, NOVA Legacy is also the action-adventure video game like its brother. In a future perspective, players participate in the toughest battles to protect their place of living. The Earth in this game has turned into an unbearable place, everything has been ruined and people have gradually moved away. The aerospace industry has grown to a much higher degree than it is now, they have built satellites in space to live on. But there is a threat that forces them to create NOVA warriors to protect themselves. You play as a NOVA warrior and fight to stop Xenos – an alien species that threaten the survival of humans in the game. However, the story will become much more attractive, you just wait a bit will see the challenges and events overlap and overlap. The face you face is really complex and requires alertness to deal with things one after another.

The brief story of an uncompromising war from the outset

In fact, the story of NOVA Legacy does not completely recount the entire long and persistent event as in the original. It only includes the first paragraph and is clearer and more detailed, there are new points in the original that have never appeared.

Our hero Kal Wardin, the veteran NOVA marines, will be sent to a remote place to perform the mission. This time, he will have to wear his most designed mobile armor, for this hero. After that, the battle began with the enemies coming from Colonial Command. Yelena, his personal Artificial Intelligence agent will be one of the most powerful supporters for this hero. The two rush into battle without ever faltering or frightened. Both will become humanity’s last hope of surviving such a terrible world battle.

Basically, this will be a shooting game so players will have to participate in matches where you use the most modern guns that humans created to fight to oppose to aliens. However, this is never easy, the game will be divided into several different modes so that players can freely attend and choose the most appropriate style of play.

Death Match

First, let’s go to the most complex matches in the “Death Match” Arena. Here you don’t have any friends, so don’t expect to get some help from someone you know. The game will have 8 different gunners participating in the same arena to choose the best talent. You will have to become the last survivor on this map to be considered the ultimate victor. The first law, never make yourself stuck between two bullets.

Death Match also has a variation in “NOVA Legacy” that is the 4V4 battle. For example, in normal “Death Match” matches, the player will fight and be uncompromising for anyone. “Death Match Team” Requires players to coordinate with three other runners to participate in a match and bring glory to their team. Which bullet shot deserves that bullet, never waste resources. Alone, you can harm yourself, but if you fight the whole team, don’t hurt your teammates. Because all ammunition and ammunition are used together.

Quests against aliens

In this game, people do not call your opponent Xenos but they always exist and threaten people. In addition to the battles with opponents found online, you will have to go through a lot of missions to fight alien monsters. As you know, they have a lot of different body forms with diverse power. This terrible creature does not spare anyone, they do not understand humanity. Because of this, players must design these most powerful marines against their enemies. You are the supreme commander with armor specially designed for you. But the support friends did not have such sound coming from the headquarters. So you will have to equip them with such power yourself. Try to use your rewards to buy your team for special 3D models. A person cannot attach a team.

Darkness as one of the latest events launched recently. The scene around you will again be the most horrible things with alien legions equipped with state-of-the-art weapons that have the power to crush you within a single note. But don’t be discouraged, do you have 3D gear with a special power, right? The difficulty of this mode will be slightly increased when it limits time. The player must calculate the damage and arrange the strategy to best suit. There is no delay for you to make mistakes that cannot be accepted. Every second count, every bullet is life, every shot is a chance of victory.

Finally, there is a mode called a special campaign, where players will be launched a strategic attack on the alien army. Now everything will not happen at a horizontal pace and create its oppression slowly but requires players to have a clear strategy. When the operation strategy doesn’t work with your calculations, there’s never a turn of table.

Play mobile game consoles – why not?

Did you know that “NOVA Legacy” in the products inherited a lot of the essence of the world’s leading FPS games? First, it is a direct descendant of NOVA and is also the second generation descendant of Modern Combat. Because of this, it gathers a lot of popular features.

The offline matches that are played according to the pre-set story always make many people feel excited. In addition, there will be extremely attractive online matches that you will be allowed to show off your top gaming techniques. Previously, these products all released and ran smoothly on gaming companies. also famous deep as PlayStation. Currently, the power of the phone is enough for all game content, so you are playing a product that has a console transition right on your Android device. Its graphics are also made with quality items that meet AAA targets. So players were actually allowed to enjoy so many upgrades that the previous era couldn’t.

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  • Please turn off all network connections before installing and opening the game
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