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The tank is always a means of fighting with a strong attack and has been used by many countries in the war. Not only in past wars, but also now, this is one of the most heavily invested combat vehicles to develop. Dubbed the War Machine, tanks are always the best combat support tool to use in warfare. It has also become an inspiration for game makers to create games for players to experience. And in most war-related games like Battlefield and Call Of Duty, tanks are indispensable.

Today I am going to give the player a game about the tanks that players have seen but in a cuter version. The game I want to talk about is Pico Tanks, a game produced from an Australian studio called Panda Arcade. At the time of 2018, they intended to release this game, but because of some problems, they had to postpone the time, which made many people feel regret. But now the game has been officially released worldwide for players to enjoy.


The gameplay of this game is built in the Moba style, a genre that is very popular in recent years for players to experience. When players come to this game, they will be involved in a match that three vs. three, extremely interesting for players to fight. This causes the pace of the game to be pushed very high, and players will fight to win life early on. Like many other games, the player will have to destroy enemies to complete the goal given by the game. In this game, there will be two different game modes, and each game mode will have a different goal for players to experience.

Hold the Flag

When the player enters this mode, the player has the goal of keeping the chess battle as long as possible to win. At the beginning of the game, the flag will be located in the center of the battlefield, and the player will have the task of capturing it or helping teammates to acquire it. The team that holds the flag will gain points increasing over time, and when the time of the match ends, the team with the higher score will win. And to take back the flag in the opponent’s hand, the player needs to destroy the opponent’s tank, and then the flag will fall out for the player to pick up.

Fetch the Cargo

This mode, the player will have the task that is to plunder goods for their side to win. Cargo containers will appear on the battlefield, and the player will be tasked with sending out the strongest tank to pull them back to their area. Meanwhile, other tanks will protect the goods from enemy attacks if they want to win in this mode and try to transport the box to their region successfully.

This game gives players the ability to design their tanks, not just available tanks. This gives players the ability to create new designs and combinations of different types.

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V38.1.3 (MOD V1)
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V35.0.1 (MOD V2)

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