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MOD Info?

[MOD 1]

1. Mod Menu
2. Free Open Chest Keys (Not Working for now because old event chest just endup 4 days ago)
3. Max Level 65 (Visual and Only for unlocking Items)
4. Free Buys & Free Play Events
* Please test it with new accounts for test to make sure its not detected on your current accounts *

NOTE 1: Disable Max Level and Free Buys for Open Chest Keys!
NOTE 2: Free Buys Not work for Weapons, Grenades and Craft Armor/Items except that is working fines!
NOTE 3: You can not Match or Battle with this Mods, im still trying to bypass that anti cheat!

[MOD 2]

– Unlimited Bullets

Are you a loyal fan of Battle Royale games when you want to experience the feeling of shooting and surviving to become the last survivor? Have you ever thought of how would it be when combining the Battle Royale game with Pixel graphic style? And this is the answer that will make you very surprised when you can experience a game in a new and attractive way: Pixel Gun 3D.

The game is named after the name of the game publisher. Although this publisher has not been known generally to many people, the launch of their game Pixel Gun 3D has still made a great impact on the gaming community when players can experience a Battle Royale game in the Pixel world likes an upgraded version of the famous game Minecraft. Launched in 2015 on both iOS and Android operating systems, it has attracted a lot of positive comments from critics and was well welcomed to the gaming community. In addition, you can also play comfortable games while still in offline mode. This makes it possible for players to experience this game anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for without downloading immediately “Pixel Gun 3D” to have yourself a relaxing time after a tiring working day?


Back to the main style of play in this game is Battle Royale, players need to control their characters through touch buttons on the screen. To win, you must be the last survivor of the battle. Each match will be started with the number of players is 100 people including you in it. At the beginning of this battle, you have to jump off a jet plane down to the area of ​​your choice on the map. The flight path on the map will change with each round, so players need to identify the right drop point for them. Unlike other Battle Royale games, Pixel Gun 3D will give players an enjoyable experience when they can contact with many new weapons in the game. This would create fascination and attractiveness in fierce battles. There are three main game modes: Solo, Duos, and Squad. For Solo mode, it is for players who like to play alone and are confident in their skills and the ability to win. The following two modes are very suitable for players when they play with their friends or with other players to support and improve each other’s skills.


Pixel Gun 3D may make players feel surprised when it contains all about more than 11 different mini modes. Players can choose the one that they like best. Typically, there are some types of game modes that you may know such as Campain, Team Fight, Deathmatch, Arena, Co-op Survivor, … In Campain mode, players will be guided according to the story in-game. In each plot will be a series of stages together that requires you to complete to be able to win many attractive rewards. At the end of each level, the players will have to clash with the final boss. By defeating it you will receive a few good pieces of equipment. The later each level will become more difficult so players need to consider and prepare carefully before playing. When you complete the game stage, you will be rated 3 stars if you fulfill the missions for each star. In Deathmatch mode, 10 players will face each other to earn points.

The more kills you make, the more points you’ll get and vice versa, the fewer points you’ll lose. After 5 minutes who earn more points will receive many valuable rewards. In Team Fight mode, the gameplay is quite similar to Deathmatch mode, but this time the group of players will be divided into two teams Blue and Red to confront each other. Besides, in Pixel Gun 3D there is an offline game mode that is popular with many players, also known as Zombie apocalypse. In this mode, the player must survive from the hideous, agile, and dangerous zombies, pushing the player into a situation full of challenges, also, very thrilling and dramatic. Because playing in Offline mode, players can play comfortably and play anytime, anywhere without using the Internet. Guild mode is a new mode added to the new version of this game. In it, players will create or join a party. In the process of joining the Guild, there will be an event that is War. The parties will fight to win the title of the number one clan and to receive many other interesting promotions.


The main special feature of the game as mentioned is Battle Royale. Battle Royale has up to 2 different maps, giving the player the option to choose either to play. A hundred players worldwide fight against each other to find the last survivor. In addition, there are more than 30 different types of terrain maps: Nuclear City, Sniper Forts, Space Arena, Nite Christmas Town, and more along with 11 different game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Fight, Campaign, Co-op Survivor, … When participating in each match, players have the opportunity to meet and experience more than 200 different weapons, from pistols, short-guns, modern sniper rifles, to heavy weapons with the system of destruction. To support players, there will be supportive items with the numbers up to 40, such as energy shields, samurai robots, jet bags, … to increase the stats and chances of winning. If you are thinking that this game is quite stereotypical when all you can do is just walking around, shooting each other, then don’t worry, because here, you will be able to show your creative talent and style as you like.

The game offers more than 180 different types of costumes, allowing players to unleash their character creation according to their interests, even design their own costumes. And the arsenal is similar, the proof is that the player can make a variety of weapons in the craft room or using their money to upgrade their weapons. Even pets have been brought in this game. Players can hatch and raise their pets to support themselves in all game modes. Integrated with the game is the Guild mode. In this mode, players will attack the Guild of the enemies, breaking through the walls of the opponents. And of course, the opponents will also attack you, so do not neglect in defense! Open the guild chests to receive various items to help strengthen your guild. In addition, you can play with your friends online, or if you do not have players, then look for your homies on matches.The events in the game will be updated on the homepage as soon as possible, enabling you to participate and receive many attractive rewards.


The graphics of the game are developed in the 3D Pixel style based on the famous game “Minecraft” that has made a phenomenon for a while. Thanks to the diversity in the design of the map, a breakthrough has been created when giving players to experience different types of terrain as well as creating different fighting styles for each player.


The effects used in the game have become a highlight for the game as it helps players feel more excited when playing the game. In addition, the item and the detection effect of the inventory in Battle Royale helps players easily build their own. The sound of the game is also more diversified depending on the different weapons that emit gunfire and the sound of movement. And that’s all that I want to introduce the game Pixel Gun 3D. If you want to give yourself experiences as well as your evaluation of this game, then please download it right away.

All link download for Pixel Gun 3D
Download Pixel Gun 3D
V17.1.1 (MOD V1)
Download Pixel Gun 3D
V17.1.1 (Unrar to Android/obb patch )
Download Pixel Gun 3D
V17.1.1 (MOD V2)

  • Please read the note before use the mods!
    – In order to run this App you will need to grant storage permission and overlay permission for that app if you have Android 6 or higher. Otherwise it will crash cause of the menu!
    – You got 2 menu buttons out of nothing? No problem! Just force close the game, the menu didn’t closed correctly from last time and is now double active =)
  • Enter the game for the first time on the Internet. If you get stuck at the button in the lower left corner of the guide, you need to completely exit the network and then re-enter the game.
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