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Update January 19, 2021 (6 days ago)
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All paid content unlocked (custom scripts don’t work!);
Disabled advertising display;
Only in mod [Unlocked / no ads / lots of DNA]: you can make purchases with DNA, even if there are not enough of them.

Superheroes like Superman or Iron Man are always seen as an ideal role model for everyone to follow. They have so many similarities that the greatest is to save the world from calamities capable of destroying humanity. These days, it’s the era of superhero titles like Avenger: Endgame, Black Panther … everyone wants to be a superhero with special powers to be able to save the earth from the dangers. No matter in any world, whether in real life or the gaming world, everyone wants to be a superhero. Today’s games all follow a familiar style of turning players into a superhero with special powers to prevent evil from attack innocents. But if you’re too familiar with that and tired of being a superhero forever. Why not try to play a bad guy with the ambition to destroy the whole world and arrange a new order to follow your will.

If you want to, then go to the game Plague Inc. by game maker Ndemic Creations and published by This game has received a lot of compliments from players thanks to the unique gameplay and unique storyline. There are few games in the market can do such the thing. Amidst a growing game market, the trend is familiar. Then this game is considered to be a way of breaking through and creating a difference for themselves. This has helped the game attract a huge number of players. Come to the content, you will forget all that has been experienced before because the game will bring you a new playstyle with no other game posses.


Players will play the role of a person with an evil personality and head of an extremely dangerous organization. The only task of the player is to destroy the people living on earth so you create a new empire whose leader is you. You will own the pathogens that you have created to spread them out into the environment. When germs are spread, people will get these germs and die gradually.


Initially, the player will start with selecting a pathogen to spread, each pathogen will have different disease symptoms and characteristics. For example, some germs can spread at an extremely fast rate but it is very easy to find a cure. Others are more difficult to address but do not have the required rate of spread, which will enable the government of that country to isolate the disease area to prevent the spread of the disease. If the player decides to choose a biological weapon, there are also advantages and disadvantages later, they will help kill people very quickly. Just by being exposed to the pathogen, humans can die immediately, and also have the spreading rapidly.

But it was the rapid killing rate that became its weakness, people dying too fast and not having enough time to spread it out wide. And this will also raise the alert level of a nation and the world. An interesting point in the game is the alert level when your epidemic has spread and killed a lot of people, the country will increase the alarm signal for this disease. This means that people are beginning to find ways to cure the virus and countries will find ways to prevent themselves from infected. This will make countries more cautious and also make it harder to exterminate people when they have more control over everything. So the most appropriate measure is to select the diseases that have been quietly spread and shelter in the human body for a long time. But once the disease broke out, it was too late to look for an antidote because everyone had been infected since they didn’t know it.

After deciding what kind of disease they would spread, a world map will appear where players can select a location to spread that. Players should choose less developed countries and a large population like Africa to make it widen. There is an underdeveloped health sector so it will not be enough to cure that disease before international assistance comes, everything will be over. Next, the player can choose the way to spread pathogens such as air, water, mice, birds … Each type has its own characteristics such as air and water that will make the disease spread quickly. When birds migrate, it will spread the disease globally. Players can also choose the symptoms that will occur when a disease breaks out, such as coughing up with blood, hives, and nausea, etc. This also contributes to the success of the game, some will make people die faster and others will spread the disease more widely. In the process, players try to collect as many DNA samples from the countries where you have developed the disease to study and improve your pathogen. DNA points will be used to upgrade your plague. Things that can be upgraded such as the ability to infect, the severity of the disease, the resistance to drugs … this only serves a single purpose that is to destroy humans. The higher the player is, the more likely it will be to unlock more dangerous diseases. This is a strategy game, so players need to change to adapt to each different situation. Once humans have found a cure, attack them with a new pathogen so they are not promptly treated.


Skin Disease

The game has up to 12 different diseases, each disease has a unique feature for players to choose from. To unlock stronger illnesses, players will have to try to play and level up to unlock them. Players can also combine multiple diseases in the same area to accelerate the process of killing humanity.

Large Map

There will be more than 50 real locations in the world for players to choose from. Each region will have a different property of that area. Attacking the United States, for example, is more difficult than in other countries. Because this is a country with highly developed science and health. Their scientists can quickly manage and find the antidote in a short time. So avoid countries with advanced health, let them win them eventually.


The game is designed like a large TV screen, players will feel familiar because this is very similar to science fiction movies. The interface is designed intuitively, users can easily get acquainted with the game’s gameplay immediately. The sound of the game incorporates scary, dark music, which is suitable for planning an evil intent. Plague Inc will bring players a completely new experience and promises to make players have great moments of entertainment.

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