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The technology of the world is growing, making people’s lives growing. Along with this, the demand for human entertainment also increases; people increasingly need more forms of entertainment. Currently, there are many different entertainment measures so that users can entertain themselves. For example, listening to music, watching movies, watching videos … But every person will often have more than one form of entertainment for themselves. But if so, what to do? Perhaps now users will have to download a lot of applications to be able to meet their needs?

In the past, people may have to do that, but now with the help of the “Plex” application, which is manufactured by Plex, Inc. The app was previously launched on the PC platform and has received a lot of compliments from users. The app provides users with great gadgets that you will not be able to discover all. Courageous people enjoy many different forms of entertainment on the same application. The application will help users manage all kinds of entertainment that it has to be the user can easily use. Users will not have to download too many apps to be entertained by many different forms.


Combine Multiple Fun Forms

Unlike other applications today, if you want to listen to music, you will have to download an app to listen to music or watch videos, you must download another app. But if you come to this application, users will only need to download a single application to be able to do all the above. No more having to use multiple apps at the same time making users feel annoying and making your device not work smoothly anymore. The application can support users to listen to music, watch entertainment videos, watch movies … all just to serve users to get the best experience. If users like it can be used to listen to music or if users are tired of listening to music, they can change to watch movies.


The application can manage all things such as music, videos, photos … stored on your device to be convenient for use. The app will manage everything that is downloaded by the user. Besides, users can use the application as a music player or a video to be able to use. Usually, users will need to have an application to be able to listen to music, watch videos, view photos. And most phones will support the app so that users can do that. But the software that comes with the machine usually will not have the best quality for users to use. But for this application, the user will experience the best that the user can use, and it supports everything with the highest quality to satisfy the needs of the user.

Sharing Data

The capacity of a phone is not equal to a computer. Users can download up to thousands of songs and hundreds of movies in HD quality, but users can not do that with their phones. So if users want to listen to lots of music and watch many videos, they have to use a computer? Users can’t sit in the same seat all day long with their computers. This will be supported by the application so that users do not need to waste space and still be entertained. Users only need to set up a server of their own and can stream on it everything they want to be able to track without having to waste space. You can use your computer to store all your movies and music and will use your phone to view them. The only thing users need is to use their phone, and with an internet connection, they can freely watch movies and listen to music anytime and anywhere without having to download. Not only that but the application also supports a lot of other devices to be able to share data, such as tablets, TVs …

Plex is a great entertainment application for people selectable for entertainment. Users will not need to download too many different apps to be able to use many various forms of entertainment, and all users need is a single application only. When using “Plex”, users will experience all the great features mentioned to be able to serve the entertainment needs of users.

All link download for Plex
Download Plex for Android (Armeabi-v7a)
V8.4.2.19372 (Unlocked)
Download Plex for Android (Arm64-v8a)
V8.4.2.19372 (Unlocked)
Download Plex for Android (Armeabi-v7a)
V8.4.1.19323 (Unlocked)
Download Plex for Android (Arm64-v8a)
V8.4.1.19323 (Unlocked)

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