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    Unlimited Money
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    September 27, 2020 at 12:13 am
MOD Info?
1. Add coin
2. You can get coins when you leave the stage, you don’t have to play all the time.
3. Infinite resurrection
4. All girls ‘unlocked’ and their scenes

For some people, love is something far away and hard to reach. Some people have no affinity with love when being cheated or rejected by their targets. There are also people who love everyone fails, only at FriendZone only. These things have contributed to a phenomenon called fear of love or boredom. Real-life girls are no longer attractive to them. This is when they will look to 2D girls to get themselves a waifu like that. Welcome to “Pocket Waifu” where you can get a waifu of your life. What better feeling of owning a virtual girl right on your phone? Coming to the game, you will be able to choose a waifu that you like from the hot characters in the game. They will always trust you, not cheating you the way your lover used to do. Players can entertain them, take a bath, or take them to a cozy bed. Released by Super Hippo, a publisher has released many products that warm up their players. With many fanboys, it has made a strong foothold in the current market. The game will bring you moments of paradise when you are with your waifu. You will not regret spending time playing games. The game is supported on both Android, IOS and even has a web browser. What are you waiting for without downloading the game right now to be able to have fun with your girls right now?


You play as a boy who makes a contract with a Succubus. You made this agreement because you want to be able to attract women. The girl will go straight to your home and let you take care of her. Players can experience what it feels like to take care of a girl. Players will spend a lot of time to be able to complete the challenges that the publisher offers.


The game was produced in gratitude to the Tamagotchi game machine, so the gameplay will be somewhat similar. Thanks to the demon’s contract, the girls will automatically enter your home. You will have to care and take care of those girls. Everyday things you will have to do for her, such as body hygiene, feeding her, making her happy every day, and the last thing is lying together on the bed of love. After every hour of entertainment, she’ll get tired, pick her up like a princess and put her gently on it so she can have a good night’s sleep. After being woken up, you will have to clean her body and feed her to please her. In addition to the basic game modes, to entertain her, you will have to participate in 12 different mini-games, such as Dancing Snake, Spiral, Cat Race … This will be the difficulty level of the game for players to also enhance the experience of the game. When you are able to satisfy your girl, you will be able to perform hot missions with her. This is the supreme level the player can achieve in this game.


To be able to attract a large number of players. The game must have outstanding features compared to the games in the same category. Let’s find out!
Diverse Waifu: The game has up to 10 different girls for you to enjoy dating your loved one. Each girl has her own personality and has different charms. Each girl will have a distinct personality, so to conquer that girl, you also need various factors. The general considerations are only about taking care of her. Although this road is not easy, all of it will be worth when you conquer that girl. You can also take care of 1 girl at the same time or many girls at the same time: This depends on your ability to play.
Many Number of Hot Scenes: With up to 30 scenes. In the form of hot cartoon videos or sexy photos. Players will not be bored when watching back and forth to see a single video or image. Play the game regularly to be able to upgrade new scenes, to be able to improve the experience or not to depend on the player. Try your best
Customizing Characters & Houses: The traditional costumes of the game have made you boring? So why not change your character a new outfit yet. Thanks to this feature, players can freely change the new costumes for their characters. With a large stock of costumes and loads of accessories put in by the manufacturer. Not only is the character the only thing we can change, so does the house. If you are familiar with the default background frame, the player can completely change to create a new feeling in the game.
Daily Task: Everyday manufacturers will offer a different task with different rewards. Discover for yourself what this mission is.


“Pocket Waifu” is equipped with a layer of 2D graphics with anime-like strokes. When you play a game you feel like you are watching a Japanese cartoon, it is very lively and eye-catching. The scene in the game is located in a boy’s house with living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. All rooms are where you can sublimate when meeting the requirements of the manufacturer. The layout of the game is also neatly designed and user-friendly. In the bottom left corner, you will see the status of our girl. The full blue color indicates that our girl is relaxed and if that girl is feeling unhappy. Satisfaction or discomfort will be expressed right on the face of the girl we care for, so please be aware. In the bottom right corner, there will be icons representing its function such as Shops, Quests … The layout is straightforward and will be used for players.


The effects in the game are also elaborated very carefully. Such as facial effects, movement of body parts … They are incredibly smooth, do not create a hard feeling for players. As for the sound, thanks to the talent of the voiceover artist, the character seems to come alive and whisper in our ears. This increases the excitement for players with the game. Players seem to be immersed in paradise when they hear the characters speak.

With classic gameplay mixed with modern colors, both things are blended together perfectly. It is impossible not to mention the greatness of the attached elements, such as Graphics, Sound Effects. The game also comes with loads of unique features. All of them have contributed to the beauty of “Pocket Waifu.” So what are you waiting for without downloading Pocket Waifu to get yourself a perfect dream waifu right now?

All link download for Pocket Waifu
Download Pocket Waifu
V1.65.0 (MOD, Unlimited All)

  • Do not accumulate too much coins, otherwise you will not be able to log in to the game.
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