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    June 30, 2020 at 3:17 am
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I think you’ve heard of the Podcast concept, it’s a series of digital audio or video files that users can download and listen to. Usually, the content shared on the podcast is quite appealing, and it seems that it has become a truly modern art form. We can even consider podcasts as a new form of development for traditional radio stations because radio stations often share recorded content on podcast sites or applications. The exciting content on the podcasts that I mentioned is usually game shows, consulting podcasts, funny stories, and much other interesting content. And how to enjoy podcast content exactly is what I want to mention to you in this article. Today, surely everyone has a convenient smartphone to use, and what I want to say here is a podcast listening application – “Podcast Addict”. Developed by “Xavier Guillemane”, “Podcast Addict” is one of the best podcast listening apps you can search for on the app store. I assure you that you can enjoy the fascinating content with this convenient application.


Speaking of which, you must have already envisioned the possibility of “Podcast Addict”. Basically, this app gives you an archive of lots of entertainment content that you can listen to online or download offline to listen on your phone. Here, you can find many contents that suit your interests, and each content is broken down into different categories. If you want to find something you are interested in, the search function will help you do that. Besides, this application also has many other unique options to enhance the user experience. It allows users to choose the playback speed, for example, if you do not want to pay attention to a piece of content during the listening process, the fast forward will play its role. On the other hand, some podcasts have relatively slow content, and you can also fast forward not to take time but can still receive information most effectively. Or you can skip forward to get information about a specific podcast more easily. Besides, you can also configure the download configuration and download some favorite content to offline mode to enjoy. With this function, enjoy the podcast’s information source anytime and anywhere. And this app also has automatic delete function, it will delete some content that you do not often hear for a long time. Also, you can enjoy live content from popular radio stations. By clicking on the Radio section, you can search for many pre-recorded information, or enjoy directly with the live stream mode that the application brings. And that’s not all the features of “Podcast Addict”, I think if you are impressed with this app, you should download it to your phone to experience it for yourself. In general, the use of this application is quite simple, and you can thoroughly familiarize yourself with the interface of the application with only some basic instructions that the developer introduces.


The truth is that “Podcast Addict” is not only easy to use, it also possesses a lot of unique and attractive features.

Diversity of content

When I started to learn about this application, I was surprised that this great application brought us a lot of exciting content in all fields. With over 750K Podcasts, 120K Radios, 20K Audiobooks, you can’t tell me that you can’t find any of them that you like. It’s all free and allows you to download at any time, and thanks to this application, you will have an almost endless source of information to enjoy. Besides arranging content according to each category, this application also presents a lot of new content in the section New / Trending / Top podcasts. With this feature, the sources of entertainment you receive will be updated regularly, and I’m sure its experience is not bad.

Some other support features

Features like playback speed that I have mentioned is just one of the small features of this application. It also gives users a better experience for you with some other features like volume boost and skips silence. This feature can also work during Streaming or in downloaded files. Besides, some other features such as Shuffle mode, Loop mode, and Sleep timer also give you the best experience before you go to bed. Enjoying some entertainment before bed is also one of my hobbies. If you also want to experience such features, “Podcast Addict” is one of the best Postcard streaming apps for you. In addition, this application has many other features to enhance your own experience.

If you need the best podcast player on your phone, I will encourage you to try “Podcast Addict”.

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