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Pokemon games may not be too strange for players. When people think of Pokemon, they will immediately think of the Pokemon cartoon or will think of the famous Pokemon series released by Nintendo. Coming to the world of Pokemon, players will experience exciting adventures in a world where monsters called Pokemon are everywhere. Games in the Pokemon series have always been popular games. But there is a game that has surpassed everything and has created an enormous buzz in the world gaming market.

That game is the Pokemon GO of the mobile platform, as soon as it was released, the game has gained a large number of players nationwide. The game quickly became the most downloaded game right after it was released, surpassing the previous king, Candy Crush. As soon as it was released in July 2016, the game quickly became a phenomenon of the year, just going out and seeing people play this game everywhere. After three years of launch, the game still does not tend to decline in the heat of the game, and recently the game has reached 1 billion downloads. This game is the most successful AR game, up to the present time. Coming to the game, players will be an extremely new experience that no previous game can do.


The game has three central teams for players to choose to participate in, the choice of joining a team does not affect the player’s gaming process. Three leading players will include Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow. At the beginning of the game, we will join the adventure in the world of Pokemon. When you move to a location (somewhere in real life), the map in this game is a different version of Google Maps so that players can track their position. On the map will appear many things such as Gym, PokeStop, or Pokemon are near your location. And the Pokemon will appear in places that match its inherent characteristics. Water-based Pokemon, for example, will appear in areas near rivers, lakes, or other water-related areas. If players want to catch the Pokemon that they like, they should first learn about the living characteristics of that species to find a suitable place where they can appear. There will be times when Pokemon appear randomly on your way. And you just need to quickly start the game and scan to see if any Pokemon are nearby or not to catch them. To catch Pokemon, the player must use Pokeball to throw at them. Once caught a Pokemon, the player will spend 1 Pokeball and if the player fails many times they will lose more money to buy Pokeball.

In-game locations such as PokeStop are understood as a type of in-game store that players can come here to equip necessary equipment quickly for your Pokemon. Equipment like medicine for Pokemon, Pokemon eggs, this is the only place on the map where people can buy Pokemon eggs, and Pokemon eggs will produce Pokemon. When the player is in the scope of PokeStop, the game will ask questions to test the knowledge of Pokemon players. If the player answers correctly, they will receive valuable rewards as items or experience points to level up. The other place in the game is the Gym. This is a place for players to fight other players. Each gym will be marked with different colors depending on which team is holding that Gym. If players go to the gym with the same color as their cave, the player will be fighting with other Pokemon to train Pokemon fighting ability. On the contrary, if the player enters the gym of another team, then you will have to fight another player’s Pokemon to gain access to that gym. If you win, the Gym will belong to the player. If you lose, you will lose some items. The fighting mechanics of the game are straightforward. Players just need to use their fingers to press as much as possible on Pokemon of the opponent. If your Pokemon loses, they will need revival medicine to wake them up. If the player battles, then your Pokemon has also suffered several injuries occurring during the battle. At this time, the player will have to use healing medicine to heal their wounds.


Boundless Pokemon For Players To Collect

Currently, the number of Pokemon in the game has increased to over 500 species and is still being added until all Pokemon are available in the game. From popular Pokemon like Charmander or Squirtle to mythical Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Rayquaza… all are present in the game for players to collect. High-level Pokemon like Rayquaza or Mew will be complicated to catch.

Pokemon Evolution

Also, players can evolve their Pokemon to make them stronger. Unlike other popular Pokemon games, you will have to fight a lot of Pokemon to train them to a certain extent before it can evolve and level up. But with Pokemon Go we do not need such evolution. Players only need to collect the necessary number of Pokemon and also have the essential fuel as Candy and Stardust to be able to upgrade Pokemon already. Upgraded versions of Pokemon come from what is real in Anime, players can get great experiences.

Upgrade Player’s Character

When a player’s character is leveled up, it will unlock new features like unlocking higher quality PokeBall such as MegaBall. The higher the character’s level, the higher the ability to train Pokemon. The easiest way to get lots of experience points is to catch lots of Pokemon. Every time you catch a Pokemon, the player will receive 1000 EXP, so try to catch as many Pokemon to be able to level up as quickly as possible.

Exchange with Other Players

Now players can exchange and trade items or Pokemon in the game together. Players can establish relationships with other players. And the friendship between players can also be promoted through exchanges and want to sell among players.


The game has a 3D graphics format, and it will take place in an open world similar to the real world. People will feel the authenticity of the game not only because the game supports AR features but also because of the game’s realistic graphics. The Pokemon in the game are depicted in a very vivid way, inspired by what is real in the movie but designed in 3D style. So players will feel they become much more real than the movie. The details are depicted in a realistic way so that players can observe the whole scene of their Pokemon in the best way.

“Pokemon GO” will bring players a new experience that few current games can bring to players.

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