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Music is a very important thing in human life, it is a form of entertainment and also a part of the human soul. Music has been found in ancient times and scientists have found them carved into stone in ancient caves. Almost every corner of the world has its own style of music that can be used as a tool to interact with others. Until now, people have become much more modern and so the music market has been expanded so that people can go through music to get to know each other. Today, there is a lot of music on the internet so listeners can listen to music from different places around the world. But most users will not be able to get good applications to be able to enjoy listening to music.

If so, today we will give users a great music player for users to enjoy music. That application is PowerAudio Pro Music Player, a music player developed by PowerAudio Team. A company specializing in software support for user devices and music software. This is considered one of the leading music applications currently available on the market. The application will bring players great listening moments so that users can relax after stressful working hours.


Excellent Sound Quality

On the market today there are many applications used to listen to music but they will not be able to give users the best quality. They will only stop at a certain level but can not transmit all to the user. But for this application, the player will not need to worry about that anymore, because the application will support the maximum quality of the music for the user to have the best experience. Users will hear the music with the best sound quality possible. But if the user feels that the song is not as comfortable as the user, the application will also have users a custom set. Users can customize the Hz frequency of the audio to be able to balance the audio path of the song. Users can increase or decrease the volume of frequencies such as 910 Hz, 3.6 kHz, 230 Hz … In addition, the application also provides users with two other customizations, that is Bass Boost and Virtualizer to users. Users can customize themselves.

Searching for Music in the Device

As soon as the user successfully installs the application, the application will automatically search for all audio files that are already present in the application to put into the application. The application also has the ability to exclude all audio files that are not classified as music so that users will not be interrupted when listening to music. Users can also perform a source search manually, by selecting the source for the application.

Personalize Experience

If users download too many songs and want to use them for many different purposes, but they are only in one list. So when users listen to music, there will be music that is not suitable for the current. So the application allows users to create different playlists so that they can listen to different music. Users can create playlists of exciting EDM tracks to be heard whenever they go to the gym. Or you can create soothing songs that you can listen to when you want to relax and rest after stressful working hours.

Multi-Format Support

The application will support users with many different music formats for users to experience. Often other applications on the market will only support popular audio formats such as mp3 or mp4. But coming to this app, any format will be supported by this application. For example, some rare formats such as wav, aac, amr, Ogg … This will ensure users get the best experience with the application and will give users any versions. music for users to experience.


There are people who will have a habit of listening to music before bed so that they can sleep easier. But when they sleep, they forget to turn off the music, which will cause our device to run out of battery. But the application can fix this with this feature. Users can set how long the application will be played and after that time, the music will automatically turn off. This will help users save a lot of device battery.

PowerAudio Pro Music Player is an extremely good music player for users to use to listen to music.

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