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    August 23, 2020 at 5:49 am
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Boxing sport is a sport as well as martial arts extremely famous worldwide and especially the United States. This is fierce combat and requires participants to withstand extremely harsh training conditions to achieve the highest possible results. If you’ve ever seen the famous boxing movie Real Steel made in 2011, it has attracted a lot of viewers and earned a tremendous amount of revenue. The film will bring audiences a spectacular action screen with boxing matches extremely dramatic. Viewers will not be able to take their eyes off the screen, because once you have left for even a second, you have missed a lot of happenings of the movie. If you’ve ever watched the movie and enjoyed boxing matches as well as the action scenes of the movie.

Following the success of the film, some titles were born and the most special was the game called Real Steel World Robot Boxing. Right from the time the game was released, it has gained a lot of attention from the player. There have been many games adapted from this movie but this is considered one of the most successful games released. Coming to the game, players will experience the feeling of extremely dramatic feeling, not inferior to what the film has brought to the audience. What are you waiting for without downloading Real Steel World Robot Boxing?


The story is set in 2020, this is the period when science is developing dramatically with many extremely advanced inventions, including an invention that completely changed the lives of people that are robots. Robots spread everywhere and replaced most of the human work, helping people a lot in work and life. Even boxing fighters have been replaced by robots, which has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of entertainment. They do this for the sake of more intense entertainment, more destructive destruction. Now Robot Boxing has completely replaced football and becomes the king of sport. There was a guy named Charlie Kenton who used to be a boxer but because of the change of the times, he pursued a new discipline, Robot Boxing, to make a living. After learning that his wife had died, he had to go to court to complete the procedure of renouncing custody and giving children to his aunt Max is his wife’s sister. After meeting his son Max Kenton and having to live with his son during the summer vacation. He took his son everywhere on his journey to make up for the time he abandoned his son. After losing miserably and going to the tech landfill to look for alternative equipment for his robot. Max Kenton stumbled across an old fighting robot and named it Atom, ever since the adventure began. He, along with his son and the robot Atom, have won many victories, even before the Zeus king of the current Robot Boxing background.


The game is a fighting game and the player must control robots from light to heavy to travel around the world and fight. Players will be able to fight with other robots on the battlefields around the world. Initially, the player will be fighting in the underworld with old and weak robots. After developing to a certain level and having powerful robots with high stats, players can participate in international tournaments, where the world’s leading fighters are gathered. This will be more difficult than many of the robots in the tournament are robots with very high power. But the harder it is, the more interesting it is, isn’t it? To control your robot, use the navigation button located on the left of the game screen.

There will be 4 battle buttons located on the right side of the game screen that can be used to attack enemies. Which will have 3 attack buttons and the other 1 button is for defense when the enemy attacks. Combine 4 battle buttons with navigation buttons to be able to use different combat skills and from there, create your fighting style. Each robot will have a special skill to attack the enemy, the skill will be used when the user has enough energy. Each side will have an HP wall to notify the remaining HP and below the HP bar is the notification bar of accumulated energy. The player’s task is to bring the opponent’s HP to 0 to win. Combine your skills to continually attack the opponent and finish them off with special skills that are truly eye-catching.


The number of Top Fighting Robot

The game has up to 24 robots for players to choose to bring into the battle. There are famous guys in the movie being brought into the game like Superstars-Zeus, Atom, Noisy Boy and Twin Cities … There are also non-game robots that are brought in to diversify the choices of people. You can own the top robots to win easier. Besides, players can also upgrade their warriors to improve their stats and cause higher damage. People are also allowed to customize their robots so that they have a very different appearance to the rest of the robots. Players can change the color of each part of the robot, not the whole, so your robot will bring whatever color you like.

PvP Mode

With this feature, you can play anyone you want, you can invite your friends to join a match to see who is better. Also, you can fight with random people in the world in this mode. When participating in this mode randomly and you are defeated by another player, there is no need to be angry. Please practice carefully to improve your skills and invite opponents who have knocked themselves down in a first match to be able to avenge.


The game has a very realistic and vivid 3D graphics format in every detail, which will make players have a great experience. The robots are the highlight of the game, they are meticulously polished by the creative team. Every detail on the machine, every scratch after going through many battles left on their bodies … all are very well done and look very real.


The game’s effects are carefully taken care of by the creative team to ensure they work as smoothly as possible. The combat effects, special skill effects … are executed by robots very smoothly and vividly. In terms of the sound of Real Steel World Robot Boxing, it is very carefully invested by the manufacturer to bring players a dramatic feeling when playing. From the sound of metal colliding when robots throw powerful fists on each other, to vibrant action music. All are very attractive that players can not stop playing the game.

So you wait without downloading Real Steel World Robot Boxing now to join the great battles.

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