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We are often taught that stealing is not right, and children with disabilities like this must be taught to be a perfect person. In fact, no one wants to meet a thief who sneaks into the house, and no one wants to become a thief. The bad things of the thieves caused people to had a bad view of the concept Theft. Of course, I’m just a normal person, still working and making money. My favourite thing is to bring you a fascinating game through each article introducing different games. As you all know, under the positive view of game makers, anything can happen. They can turn things that used to be ugly and disgusting. On the contrary, they can also turn concepts that people consider evil to turn into beautiful things and sometimes contain many funny elements. And I will not go around anymore, as always, I will bring you a mobile game that I think you will definitely enjoy.

The game I recommend is highly entertaining, more specifically, it will make you change the look in a more exciting way – a thief’s perspective. Yes, the game you are about to enjoy will turn the player into a thief – Robbery Bob. If you are wondering about the publisher who came up with the idea for Robbery Bob – a game with an unhealthy theme – that’s Level Eight AB. However, this game will definitely not make you have a bad impression of Theft. Instead, players will have fun and exciting moments while experiencing this game.


Unlike other stealing games, which is player must play the role of a real lousy thief, “Robbery Bob” gives the player the image of an unlucky thief. Throughout the entire game, players will experience dramatic but extremely humorous and exciting situations around the theft of Bob’s character. Bob is a lazy and uneducated young man. Because there is no knowledge or skill in anything, Bob has turned himself into a thief and made many stealthy missions into everything he knows. Realizing the dangers of this job and his bad luck, Bob has a plan for payback. But before returning to the life of a normal person, he will have to continue to make a few more missions last. All the money the player helps Bob earn will help him get out of the life of crime. Will you be able to help Bob overcome all difficulties and challenges? Download “Robbery Bob” to your phone to challenge your talents.


That’s right, your mission in “Robbery Bob” is only one, that is to help Bob earn enough money needed, and then leave in silence. The gameplay of this game is a combination of strategy game genre with a top-down perspective and pure RPG game genre. Coming to “Robbery Bob”, players will participate in many different missions around the city. Most of the missions Bob performs are places of wealth and material possessions. However, not having any task is easy. Every place Bob goes will bring players lots of different difficulties, and it always requires you to have a quick tactical plan to be able to steal items successfully. Everything will be troublesome if you cause Bob to be detected by the guard, the old lady, the dog, or some other electronic trap.

Therefore, the player must take advantage of every corner or hidden corner of the house to be able to avoid any trouble. Besides, the way to control the character in the game is designed quite simple and easy to get used to. Players will control Bob with the Virtual Joystick placed on the screen. With a top-down tactical perspective, you will need to make pre-calculated decisions to help Bob complete the task more efficiently. Besides, theft is a job that requires people to be agile and gently. To increase the feeling of authenticity for gamers, the game will give gamers a fast running button. With this feature, players can act faster without any obstacle, or use to dash to the hiding place when Bob is detected. And before the game screen, players will be provided with an additional button. Depending on where Bob is, you will use this feature logically. It can be said that the gameplay of “Robbery Bob” gives players interesting and funny situations that you cannot find in similar games.


It can be affirmed that a game with attractive gameplay always gives players many unique features. Yes, coming to “Robbery Bob”, players will experience more than 100 different burglary missions. From small burglaries in the houses around the locality to the city center with countless secrets and valuable items, players will discover everything in the campaign mission system. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually over time to challenge players. Each mission will bring players many dramatic, attractive, and fun challenges. Besides, the game also gives you many different outfits. There are dozens of different costumes to choose from, some of which will provide players with other special abilities. And you can also use them to change the appearance of the character, and make each level more fun. Not only that, each stage has room for players to hide and disappear from everyone’s sight. For gamers who have played a similar game, “Neighbor from Hell”, you will understand the importance of this function in the game. In addition, there will be a few levels forcing players to play against other thieves. This feature is a new and fascinating challenge, making it impossible for players to take their eyes off the game.


Anyone who has ever seen the trailer of Robbery Bob can not deny the beauty, vividness in the image that the game developer brings. It can be said that from the context, objects and space are clearly depicted in every detail. Although the game is designed with a top-down perspective, all the situations are presented in a realistic and eye-catching manner. This is a game that I appreciate in terms of color because each object in the game has a different color, very clear and attractive. Not only that, the overall image quality looks quite bright, the contrast and color saturation are adjusted to a reasonable level. All this makes the game different and more prominent than the games of the same genre. In addition, the expressions and actions of all characters are shown honestly and smoothly. Although the “Robbery Bob” graphics are fine-tuned for phones, its quality is comparable to PC/Console titles. And players will never get bored with what the game brings.

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