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Rush Wars is one of the most anticipated games of recent times, which has been promoted aggressively by Supercell on many fronts. Just yesterday, it was officially released on Google Play and received a lot of attention from various gamers around the world. They quickly downloaded this game to their device to play and have the latest experience about it. The first comments were quickly posted on this publisher’s forum in particular and gaming forums in general. Most praised the way Supercell built its product, creating a whole new style in strategy gaming. It can be said that every time this manufacturer has a new product, it is like a textbook lesson for smaller game creators to follow. It was only one release that brought the whole market up for a short period of time, and its influence continued to make the game market evolve day by day.

From the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

Returning to the issue of Rush Wars, based on the information provided by Supercell, it will be based on simulation gameplay and has a tactical element that is central to the gameplay design. Therefore, to play the game, players need to be mentally prepared for having to divide their interest into two different places. Simply put, it will be like a different modified version based on the familiar format of Clash of Clans. Players will still be allowed to build a place called a base to hold all their resources. After that, other games will guide the player to different battles. Thanks to this, players will have more work to do, more things to care about, and the hours of entertainment will become endless.

Rush Wars is a brainchild who has been cherished for many years by Supercell, so its graphic perfection is very good. You can see many different elements presented in the game is extremely high resolution. 3D graphics are a necessity for a top-rated work like this. Players will receive extremely novel image designs of a game created in a style that mixes many different elements. Its characters are not fixed in an era but are inspired by many different sources. You can see a unit that uses lasers to fight with a bear-wearing martial artist, … Or the giant tanks facing an army using swords. The variety of character systems, as well as the skills they possess, have created a certain depth of how to build a squad as well as create gameplay.

A strategy game and more

Scenes in the game are also created with quite familiar patterns. Speaking a bit about gameplay, it will take place mainly in two places: your base and enemy mines. Your base will be designed to look like extremely friendly green trees. The functional buildings and buildings that you build can be placed on a green background that makes everything seem family-friendly. In addition, there will be a place that is the battlefield that you must go there often. In fact, the place where you bring your troops to invade is the exploitation place of other players. Depending on the minds of each person, they will design different and will put different defensive systems as well. You will also have to design a mine yourself to mine raw materials and minerals.

As mentioned above, players may have to build their own empire. First, you will have to create your own base to house everything you build. There to have at least 3 different buildings: Hall, airstrip, and mine. Hall is the most important place where it can dominate everything depending on the gameplay. This place will be the main part to control everything. It will be the place to spawn units, manage them for conquest; Besides, your mines will also be upgraded and unlocked more features depending on the level of the Hall. The flight deck will be the place where you take your trained soldiers to the places you want to conquer. Mines is the factor that everything must revolve around. You will have to use the devices that you have unlocked to place the defenses there. But if you are too focused on anti-theft, there is not enough material to upgrade everything. These three elements will have to balance with each other and influence each other throughout the gameplay.

Join the online arena with friends

When you allow the plane to take off, it will automatically search for worthy opponents based on the game’s matching system. You will be given some units depending on the level of the Hall. Besides, players can also bring a skill to be customized during the attack. It was an active skill capable of making a conquering turn. Choose the skills so that it fits perfectly with the army you carry.

Once you have found a Mine that is worthy of your strength, the plane Will land in a yard and the fight will need a little preparation to begin. This yard will be designed in a grid table style so that players can put their units into it. Depending on the strength and skills they possess, her forces will move and attack in the manner specified in its information. Players will have to carefully study and place their troops in order to achieve the best effect in the conquest. The enemy will also have to create pitfalls and defensive systems to fight you. The unexpected elements and new defense system may put you in a dangerous situation. However, if you have a good ability to customize and use the skill in time, you can still save the situation. When you win, you will receive huge rewards, enough to keep your level up and make your base more rigid.

All link download for Rush Wars
Download Rush Wars
V0.188.5 (Official/Beta)
Download Rush Wars
V0.64 (MOD, All Region)

Installation Instructions

1. Download SAI app (Split APK Installer);
2. Download this modded zip archive app;
3. Install and Open SAI / Choose “Install APKs” button / Find and Select the downloaded .zip archive app.
4. Wait for install and done. Enjoy!


How to download the original on Google Play

  1. Use a VPN application to connect to Canada, NZ or AU. (Using Psiphon Pro or Hotspot Shield or Touch VPN)
  2. Access Google Play and search “Rush Wars” or click here
  3. Install Game & keep VPN connection to play
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