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    Pro Unlocked/Premium
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    March 11, 2020 at 5:34 am
MOD Info?

– Removed all languages ​​except English and Russian
– Compression graphics
– Icon in PixelUI style
– Replaced the android icon with a broom in the application interface itself to a round one with a broom

PRO features Unlocked

During operation, your smartphone will produce a lot of junk files, and that is the typical situation of smartphone users around the world. I know that there are still many of you who don’t pay as much attention to garbage cleaning as this. Because as far as I can see, if we manually clean the garbage, the junk files will never be thoroughly cleaned up. Not only that, this job is especially time-consuming if you do not often dive into the configuration of the device. Therefore, we really need a utility application that can help us clean up unnecessary data on our device. At the same time, keep it running smoother, more efficiently, and above all, bring the best phone usage experience. If you need an application that can help you completely remove excess data in your phone, in this article, I will introduce to you a wonderful app called SD Maid Pro. The app is one of the applications that many users trust because of its ability to work effectively.


As I mentioned before, surely you have also envisioned the ability that “SD Maid Pro” brings, which is to make your smartphone work smoother and more efficiently. By taking you deep into your smartphone’s junk files, the app will show you what you should erase thoroughly. During use, logs, incident reports, and other data will always be generated continuously. Of course, saving these files doesn’t really have any effect on you. Strictly speaking, the files created during this process will take up part of your device’s memory, and because it doesn’t work, you have to remove it. Initially, these types of data will not take up much of your memory, but after a long time, they will become larger and delay your experience, especially when your phone You are a weak configuration. Besides, junk files will also appear after you uninstall applications that you no longer need.

This problem is no longer a strange problem for people who use technology devices, especially for computer and smartphone users. And all of these files are stored in hidden folders in your device without your knowledge. If you are not technology savvy, cleaning up these junk files is impossible. Only professional applications like “SD Maid Pro” can completely eradicate it. In addition, this great application can interfere with the removal of your application, after completing the uninstallation process, it will help you reduce one step in the phone cleaning process. It can be said that this is one of the professional and highly useful applications in the same app market for Android.


One thing that I haven’t noticed yet is that this app is an extended version of “SD Maid”. So basically, you have many of the electronic junk cleaning features that the “darken” developer brings.

The ability to intensive cleaning of this great application

There are many things that this application can help you clean up, and mostly remove the system’s redundant files. The data taking up system memory will include cache data, duplicates, and other redundant file types. In addition, this application also has advanced access to system files. Thus, you can better manage empty files or files that are not related to or affecting the operation of the system. It can be said that there are very few applications on your phone that can give you the ability to manage hidden folders on your phone like this one.

Some other professional features

In addition to helping you eliminate redundant files, this application also shows you the size of the data on the memory you are viewing. For files that take up a lot of space, you’re sure to find things you no longer use. At the same time, you will have a better overview of the file system of the phone. Besides, this application can also automate the cleaning process of your phone. By providing a specific timetable for the app, it will work at precisely the time it has been installed, so you will not need to spend a lot of time cleaning up your phone. Not only that, but this feature also makes your phone become smoother and smoother than ever. With the “SD Maid Pro” version, you will be able to use many more useful new features released by the application developer. I assure you that you will discover more valuable features to keep your smartphone at peak performance.

So, are you ready to clean junk files on your phone? Do you want smartphone performance to be at its peak? All of these problems can be solved by “SD Maid Pro”.

All link download for SD Maid Pro
Download SD Maid Pro
V4.15.8 (Untouched + Key)
Download SD Maid Pro
V4.15.8 (Pro Unlocked)
Download SD Maid Pro
V4.15.8 (MOD, Dark Venom)
Download SD Maid Pro
V4.15.8 (MOD, Dark Venom/Lite)

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