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    20200809 build 22145
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    August 10, 2020 at 11:52 pm

Sleep is the most important thing in a person’s life, sleep is what helps people recover energy after a long day of tiring activity. Not only do humans sleep, but animals and the field, they all use sleep to restore energy after performing many tiring actions. Scientists have found that to fully restore our health, people will have to sleep continuously for 8 hours to be able to ensure health. But when people sleep, they won’t be able to feel whatever is happening around them. There are people who will snore loudly during sleep or will talk in sleep or sleepwalking … many other things, making people wonder what they did when they were sleeping. to sleep. There are people who are willing to spend large sums of money installing tracking devices so they can know what happens when we go to sleep.

Sleep tracking and smart wake up

But not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money to install these devices, so why not use your phone to replace these devices? Because the needs of the user are huge, so many applications to track human sleep have been born. Including a very famous application, it is Sleep as Android Unlock released by Urbandroid. This is a manufacturer that has launched a lot of applications specializing in sleep monitoring to be able to help users. Coming to this application you will get a lot of interesting features.


Sleep as Android will bring you the perfect sleep with advanced features that no application has

Monitor Your Sleep & Wake Cycle

While other alarm apps, they will not care about the user’s sleep cycle, they will wake the user whenever they like. So, it is often the situation that is awakened when the user is not sleeping enough. This will greatly affect the user’s entire day, making them feel frustrated and unable to focus on their work. And led to a lot of other consequences attached, which is the declining productivity, conflicts with colleagues. But this app is not so, it will wake when the user that user has got the best sleep possible and not necessarily 8 hours lag. The app will automatically find the best time to wake the user up to ensure the user’s sleep. This will not make users feel uncomfortable but it will make them have the most refreshing day. Not only that, but this feature also gives users the best feeling to work.

Sounds of Nature

Most users will think that using vibrant sounds will make them more easily awakened than soothing melodious sounds. This may be true for some people but they have forgotten that, when using vibrant, powerful sounds, they will make them feel uncomfortable when awakened. Studies have shown that when people use soft sounds when they are awakened, they feel much better. The application will use the sounds of nature with soothing sounds to wake you up. For example, the birds singing early in the day mixed with the sound of the grass whispering in the wind, the sound of the waves, the sound of gentle rains … these things help users to wake up feeling comfortable.

Sleep Recording

This feature is a very interesting feature that the application gives users so that users can know what happened during their sleep. The application will re-record all the sounds of everything that happens while you sleep. For example, your snoring, once you snore, the app also records them so you know how long you snore and when to start. Users can monitor their health status by monitoring their sleep process. The app also gives you sleep assessments so that users can track the sleep process in the most detailed way.

Sleep as Android Unlock is an application worth using because it will make users control their sleep. At the same time, it will make the user feel a lot more comfortable whenever he is awakened, rather than feeling uncomfortable as before. Please download Sleep as Android Unlock to be able to get great sleep right now come on.

All link download for Sleep as Android
Download Sleep as Android
V20200809 build 22145 (Unlocked)
Download Sleep Lullaby Add-on
V2.6 (Unlocked)
Download SleepCloud Backup Add-on
V9.8 build 119 (Unlocked)

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