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    March 29, 2020 at 3:08 am
MOD Info?

Standalone Android Package;
Android App Bundle Repacked (Split APKs Packer v4.5.1 by KirIif’):
• Supported CPU architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
• Supported Screen DPIs: hdpi [240dpi], xhdpi [320dpi], xxhdpi [480dpi], xxxhdpi [640dpi];
• Languages: Multi Languages;
Full version unlocked;
Remove support for wear devices;
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources.

An audiobook is a new form of entertainment; it has only appeared in recent years but has attracted a lot of attention. But because it is a relatively new form on the market, there are quite a few apps for playing audiobooks. But now I will recommend to users an application to play the best AudioBook that users can find on the market. That app is “Smart AudioBook Player”, this application will satisfy the needs of audiobook-preferred users.



Once a user has an audiobook, the next thing a user needs to have great entertainment is an app. Why do users need an application to play audiobooks? That’s because apps that read and emit sound are much better than the default, so apps are a necessity. The app gives users a lot of great experiences when listening to audiobooks with this application. Thanks to that that provides users with the best and clear sound for users to enjoy.

Auto pause

When are users most frequently listening to the stories? Indeed, when users are about to go to sleep, it is easy for users to fall asleep while listening to the story. If the user falls asleep and does not stop the story, they will continue to play until the user turns them off. But if so, it takes a lot of battery to keep the device working. So this application can automatically turn off all of what is playing after a certain amount of time to save battery. That is when the user has already fallen asleep and is not interacting with the phone. If the user wants to continue listening to the story, just shake the phone, the application will continue to play.

Automatically remember

When the user uses this application, the user does not need to worry about leaving the app, they will hear from the beginning of the story. Whenever the user exits the application, the app will automatically remember the location where the user has stopped. So whenever the user continues to listen to that story, the app will continue from the same location where the user stopped. Thanks to that, the user does not need to hear the story from the beginning all over again.

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