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    February 3, 2020 at 12:39 am
MOD Info?

V2.5.1 MOD V1

  • Much money
  • Lots of resources

With a choice:

  • No skill reload
  • immortality
  • Infinite energy
  • Immunity to influences

The MOBA category is gradually becoming one of the most popular products. Until now, it is one of the names that are given top priority in choosing games. By way of the name’s definition, we can see that it is a type of play there that allows players to participate in the Arena and fight directly with the opponent. Currently, there are many games that are not MOBA genres; however, make players think of this genre. Soul Knight is an example of how players will be included in a large arena and directly fight with opponents. If you want to play a game that is quite similar to MOBA but does not want to have too cumbersome processes, you should try this product once.

Soul Knight has high-speed gameplay and the battlefield in the game is fierce. When people participate in a match of genes, the light is immediately pushed into a zero-tolerance battle. Players will not need to go through stages such as farming, destroying buildings, or hiding anything. Everything you have to do is rush into the opponent and shoot them down. Thanks to the fast-paced play and diverse fighting styles, it has attracted a lot of people to the game. Ten million downloads is a small number for a game using simple 2D pixel graphics.


Players will participate in the game and see that it is designed with lots of pixels with various colors. However, everything is applied with new technology so you will see its image clearly, quickly recognizing objects. You can see that for a game like this, such a system is indispensable. With a system of more than 20 characters and 170 weapons, it still does everything. Various heroes with beautiful fighting style, monsters are also a factor that makes the game much more enjoyable.

Scenes in the game are also worth exploring as it simulates the familiar scenes of old adventure games. If you have ever experienced the dungeons before, you will surely recognize it. These maps are usually built with grid ground, and the main color is gray. Dark space is designed to increase the attractiveness of adventures. Moreover, the monochrome background is an excellent choice for fighting. Because when you play, the skills will be dense. If the background color is colorful, it will cause confusion.


When participating in the game, the player will become a hero to save the world. This is entirely understandable because, in this era, everything is resolved by force. So thanks to an unlucky thing that happened to people when they were so absorbed in power and turned away from foreign troops. If alien enemies are always hungry for the ideal resources and habitat of the earth, they used their ability to steal the magic stone. Magic stone is a kind of power used to balance all elements on this earth. If it is taken from your domination place, it will cause immeasurable consequences. Indeed, the earth is destroyed, and there is no place for people to live anymore. This is the time for our hero to participate in this battle to save humanity in particular and to save the world in general.

Let’s just shoot some alien minions!

Soul Knight is an action game where shooting is the main base for operating gameplay. Players will collect weapons from plunging into the most challenging battle ever. You will not have any force to help you in this war. So be careful not to let yourself fall into dangerous situations without a way out. The control mechanism of the lamp will make the gameplay a little easier. The right side, joystick operates in an exceptionally smooth way. With such a photo navigation mechanism, the player will not encounter a bit of a problem in avoiding the dense bullets fired by the enemy.

Moreover, the attacks that you launch are automatically correct directly into the enemy’s position; there is no deviation here. The hard thing is that you have to choose the time to attack. Because when you hit the ball, the character will stop for a bit. If the forest is too long, it will surely be hit by an enemy’s bullet that cannot be resisted. Remember you only have 6 HP points, trying to keep it always full. Because later, when facing the boss, the challenges will become much more difficult. The damage they inflicted was also exceedingly terrible, almost after being hit, you were dead.

In the game, there are many different modes to increase attraction. Will be fighting a lot of different opponents in a local battle for up to 4 players. The complexity of gameplay and these competitors all have their own makes it diverse and vibrant. Players will also have to prepare themselves for certain knowledge to be able to guess what the opponent is trying to do. Do not be surprised when participating in a match.

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V2.5.1 (MOD MENU)

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