Stardew Valley

"Have you ever heard of an RPG-style farming simulator game?"
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    Chucklefish Limited
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    Many Features
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    February 26, 2020 at 3:43 am
MOD Info?
  • Endless money and stamina
  • When crafting, ingredients are not wasted
  • You can craft the maximum number of items at a time, regardless of the number of ingredients
  • You can craft all things, even those for which you do not have enough resources.
  • Reproduction of items is as follows:
  • In the inventory, click on the item you want to multiply (a red frame will appear around it);
  • Click on an empty spot in your stock. Single objects (for example, tools) will split, and the number of other objects will become maximum (for example, after dragging the 1st fiber you will get 999 fibers).
  • NOTE: for MOD to work, please SAVE game progress and LOAD
  • Turn off the network when opening the game
Whats new?
  •  External Controller fixes
  •  Hats on horses
  •  Hatch Slimes outdoors
  •  Fantasy Board Game fix

Stardew Valley is exactly the same game. This is a game that has been raining for a while since its first launch around early 2016. Stardew Valley has received various prestigious awards such as Giant Bomb Game of the Year nominee. 2016; National Academy of Video game reviewers – Best Simulation game 2016; IGN Editor’s Choice winner 2016; BAFTA Games Awards – Game of the Year nominees 2016; golden Joystick Breakthrough Award winner 2016;… As you can see, it’s a pretty long list of different big and small awards. That makes it easy to see how “Stardew Valley” is a game of great caliber.

A farm pixel combining RPG

This game is supported on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Playstation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and recently, the game has finally landed on the two most popular platforms of the phone. That mobile is Android and iOS. This demonstrates the effort of the developer “Chucklefish Limited” in bringing the game to all users on all different platforms. You may not believe it, but the developer “Chucklefish Limited” actually consists of only one person. Yes, only one person was able to write a game that brought me so many prestigious awards.

After installing the game, you can choose “New” to start playing the new one. The system will take you to a character creator. You can customize your clothes, hairstyle, and eye color. In addition, you can also choose a favorite pet that is a dog or a cat. Your job is just naming your character, naming the farm, telling the system what you like best then start the game!

Do not forget that you have 5 choices about the ecological environment around your land.

  • The first choice was Standard Farm. A flat ground, very suitable for new players. This is the choice for you with plenty of free space so you can freely design your own fields.
  • The second choice is the Riverland Farm. Your land will be cut between many islands and rivers. This is a very convenient ecosystem for you in aquaculture.
  • The third choice is Forest Farm. You will be able to use the space to grow your fields slightly because the forest trees will be overgrown. However, this choice will give you an abundant source of forest resources.

The fourth choice is the Hill-top Farm. The terrain here is very rugged and many of the farming jobs here become very difficult but have great potential for the exploitation of mineral resources.
And the last choice is Wilderness Farm. There is a lot of good ground here, but at night monsters will appear at a higher frequency than other choices so you will often have to fight against them. You should consider carefully with this choice.

Do everything you want in the valley

Initially, you will play as an employee working in a company. When you open the drawer on your desk, you notice that an envelope has been left by someone. It turned out to be a letter from your late grandfather. The letter states that you have inherited the land that your grandfather has always been with it for farming in the Stardew Valley. So you decide to give up your job and get on the bus to go to the land you inherit. The first day you own the ground, you’ll notice that the land your grandfather left wasn’t as beautiful as you imagined it. Around the land are rocks, wild plants and wild grass growing indiscriminately. It’s okay, just a little effort, the land that her late grandfather left will be brought back to her golden age by her grandmother, or even more wonderful.

Everything on your land will take place slowly and peacefully in the first place. You can choose to play the tutorial or not. This tutorial will help you understand what you have to do every day. Agriculture is not an easy job, so you need to create a certain routine to ensure the harvest of each season and each crop. Of course, risks are hard to avoid, no matter what you do, so be careful as you work. You will have many options to get rich from your lands such as farming, animal husbandry, aquaculture, or even mining of mineral and forestry resources. You have many different choices about the types of crop seeds or the types of cattle and aquatic products you want to raise. This makes the farming feature of the game become more diverse and rich.

Deep story

Do not forget that “Stardew Valley” is not just a farm game. This game is also a bit of an open-world RPG with more than 50 hours of the storyline. This makes the player feel like he is really stepping into the world of the game. The world map of the game is very large so you can freely travel around to explore caves, forests, street corners and get to know many different people. You can play this game in the style of Visual Novel like traveling around town to find and flirt with your mate. The game has 12 different candidates for the position of becoming your mate. Each candidate has their own personal story that you need to learn to be able to flirt with them.

The game possesses a lot of very realistic features. For each type of obstacle on your property, you need to use a different type of tool to handle. Want to cut down trees when you need to use an ax, want to break the stone to clear the soil you need to use the stone pickaxe, … If you refuse to go to bed at night and continue to work, you will catch a cold. night and fainting, your neighbor will have to take you to a nearby clinic for treatment and you will have to pay extra for it. In addition, the game also has abandoned houses that your task is to restore them. Each house is restored, you will receive different benefits and rewards.

Pixel graphics

The game is sold at a fairly cheap price, so almost anyone can access it, without any DLC. “Stardew Valley” owns 16bit graphics in the style of classic 8bit role-playing games. This is a double-edged sword, it can be a plus point for some players and also a minus point for some other players. Along with a piece of playful and entertaining background music, the sound of the surroundings is also very lively, which will help you to be extremely effective in relieving stress after a long day of studying and work stress.

All link download for Stardew Valley
Download Stardew Valley
V1.4.5.140 (Original)
Download Stardew Valley
V1.4.5.140 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Download Stardew Valley
V1.4.5.140 (Unzip to Android/obb patch)

Installation Instructions!
  • Download APK and OBB File
  • Unzip OBB file, move folder “com.chucklefish.stardewvalley” to “Android/obb” patch
  • Install APK and enjoy!
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