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    February 14, 2020 at 5:48 pm
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It can be said that with the development of the gaming industry, nowadays, we have been able to find countless good games, especially for smartphone games. And one of my favorite game genres and one of the most popular gaming genres are action games. Action games are also divided into different game genres; however, the game I would like to recommend to you is not an FPS game but a completely different type of action game. Surely you are familiar with the classic FPS shooting games, so why not try to fight by means? I can assure you that when driving a car with many modern weapons and being able to fight even on the move is one of the extremely new and attractive gameplay. But if you think only vehicles like heavy tanks and giant robots can fight, that’s a mistake. In this article, I will introduce to you a very attractive new game, which is Steel Rage. Developed by GDCompany, Steel Rage will bring you supercars that can fight, along with stunning graphics.


The first thing that I would like to introduce to you about “Steel Rage” is an addictive game, because this game is only designed to be played online. Yes, I mean, you will fight against other players just to win absolutely in one It can be said that this game will stimulate for those who like to experience a game with a unique style of play and have interaction with other people in this game. If you want to win against other players, your car needs to be adequately upgraded. I mean, you need to pick the weapons are suitable for great damage and high mobility because the battle will be very intense, so choosing the right equipment is also a strategy to win every match. Driving your car so flexibly is also an issue that you should pay attention to. As you know, operating a moving vehicle and attacking other players requires a lot of skills of the player, including concentration. But I firmly believe that you will be able to get used to this style of play only after spending a short time practising.


Besides the addictive gameplay, Steel Rage also gives you some other attractive features that you should be interested in.

A lot of beautiful cars for you to choose

Not only gives you dramatic matches, but this game also gives you a lot of unique supercars. All vehicles in this game carry the designs of real cars; however, it has been improved to be able to bring more special weapons to be ready to fight. In general, the cars in this game will make you pay attention because it is designed with realistic 3D graphics.

Ability to upgrade and highly customize

I quite like this feature because it is a highlight that makes the game become attractive. The game gives you a lot of options that you can use to upgrade your battle vehicle. Not only enhances weapons, but the game also gives you many options to upgrade your armor for defensive purposes. With these options, you can create your own fighting style and better suit your own battle strategy.

So are you interested in Steel Rage? In my opinion, this is a pretty good game that you should install on your phone.

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V0.073 (MOD, Unlimited Ammo)

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