Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors

"Intense fighting, the characters fit the original plot"
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Dragon Ball has been a topic of great interest to gamers all the time. The battles of Songoku and friends never ended. They always have to face strong opponents from all over the vast universe. Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors is a fighting game that has been warmly welcomed by many players.

If you are looking for a simple fighting game, then this is a perfect choice. “Supreme Dragon Warriors” allows players to participate in extremely harsh duel battles between characters in the Dragon Ball series. First, the visual design of the Stick-man theme is usually not too detailed and is taken seriously. However, this game brings an entirely different feeling. Appearances, outfits, and more skill effects are all focused. Design images in the game extremely detailed, powerful, and precise. Players will feel the real battle. Remember the times when Songoku used Kamehameha, Genki-dama, or Dragon Fist to fight the opponent. All the skills of famous characters are shown in this game.

Supreme Dragon Warriors is really a fighting game worth a try in recent times. In addition to fast-paced and fierce gameplay, the game also offers a variety of game modes. First, Versus mode is considered by many to be the most difficult, seldom popular. It is a place for players who are steadfast in their gameplay and technique to control their characters against real opponents. These matches will bring quite large rewards and allow players to test their proficiency. Besides, it also brought honor to them.

The story mode is a life-long adventure, helping players train their maximum strength through battles with increasing difficulty. This mode also gives EXP along with solid gold so you can quickly unlock high-level characters. The tournament allows 16 powerful enemies to form a journey, requiring the player to win all of them in order to receive the reward. Usually, they will have huge and attractive prizes, but it is quite challenging to overcome with opponents with reliable power and good fighting ability.

Training mode is a boring place, not much attention from the players. However, if you want to practice comfortably, to try new combos, this is a perfect place. You can set up the power of opponents and fantasy battle situations too.

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