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The battle between humans and demons has never been received since ancient times in the theory of the transmission to the current video game. They are expressed through many different works, and still highly appreciated and loved by many people. Stickman Legends: Shadow War also portrays this battle but in a completely different and new way. ZITGA publisher PTE has achieved certain successes thanks to this game. Thanks to it, this publisher has received a lot of good reputation and comments. Besides, they also launched Two different versions to serve the players with different needs. A free version gets 10 million downloads, the version we’re introducing only reaches half that number. If compared, they were more successful than many products of the same category. With our apk file, you can download the game for free and play comfortably without fear of giving up a little more money at all.

A simple but attractive game

Basically, it uses a very simple design but brings a pretty good effect when people publish it widely on Google Play. When commenting on image design, you can see that it is a combination of two extremely popular creative types. Stickman designs and World Shadowman designs combined together form an extremely attractive and attractive character system. Just like it was a whole bunch of fans of these two genres into the same product. You just need to go to Google Play or even search on Google these two keywords will always have their presence. This really brings high efficiency for game publishers.

A minimalist but emphasizing feature

When it comes to Stickman, people often remember arcade games with simple gameplay. Everything that has been optimized for visuals allows the player to see the human body in a single shape with a full head, two arms, and legs attached to one body and one the stick. In addition, there will be small details to make you stand out and different. Each game is different but they bring an effect, a very good first impression.

The perfect combination with Stickman

When people design Stickman, use colors to make things easier to distinguish. They become characteristics of some characters and the publisher does not need to make the character more complicated. Currently, it can only work with arcade games when its operation style is not too complicated. Simply move and do small actions to achieve your goals. However, everyone knows that “Stickman Legends: Shadow War” is an action game. Requires players to perform a lot of combat-related operations, weapons, and skills, so making it becomes even simpler. This combined with the Shadowman design allows publishers to simplify the color of everything. Even the scenery and characters are using dark tones, in addition, depicting the gloom and fierceness of the gameplay.

The familiar way to play hack ‘n slash

The player who started the first level was able to realize that it depicts a fierce battle. There is no need to think about tactics here, rush to fight and destroy everything. Players will own 7 buttons on the right for attack and diversification moves. Still a joystick to help you move basically. Just combining those buttons together can create combos. The skills are very fast cooldown with the abundant energy system, players can create attacks with endless damage. The moves will continue to be released and continually create spectacular effects, satisfying a lot of passionate souls fighting.

However, you should not abuse your skills but forget that you have an auto-attack. In fact, depending on the game, it defines the variety in this attack. The feature is that it does not use energy, operates independently and deals damage with a slightly weaker skill effect. You can use it without paying any price. Therefore, during a combo that lacks a cooldown skill to create a series of seamless damage, wait a bit. Since AA attacks can be executed continuously without losing anything, use it before the combo set is ready enough. Depending on the game, this AA attack also has different effects. Tap for the first time hit straight, tap twice, then hit horizontal and tap 3 times consecutively. Overall this abundance of damage is always the basis for the game to be attractive.

Not a Pay-2-Win game

Besides attacks and skills, players can also add equipment to their characters to increase stats. Gem, stamina, gold and other items are always a great source of strength to make your character stronger. They can fight other characters and bosses without fear of being able to get out of damage. Equipment is something that you can search to bring surprise to the enemy if they do not review the situation. The diversity of characters is also another common factor in action games like this. Choose between a lot of heroes with different fighting characteristics and personalities. Some people are extremely light and suitable for light weapons, dealing with fast damage and retreating to preserve their forces. There are also those who possess great strength and endurance so often use heavy weapons that cause high damage. In general, any type of character has its own weaknesses and also possesses strengths. Players must take advantage of their strengths and limit weakness by wearing more equipment and upgrading skills. In general, this game is very balanced, less disparaging about the disparity in power in the game like other products. “Stickman Legends: Shadow War” is not a Pay-2-Win game.

With so many players around the world joining such a large community, create a ranking to honor the best players. Your achievements are saved in the game system. “Stickman Legends: Shadow War” will be based on your score earned after passing the screen to evaluate. Become one of the players who hold their place on the world rankings. Players can also make friends with many other players to train their power and gaming techniques.

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