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Today, the number of users on Instagram has increased significantly and reached a record level. This brings enormous profits to this software firm. Basically, Instagram is a software that allows users to share photos for free from their phones. Not only that, but the application also allows users to edit image filters, customize the frame rate to share on Instagram and some other social networks. However, I will not mention too much about this great application. Instead, I will show you another app that can make your Instagram account profile more beautiful, more scientific, and will attract the eyes of many others. You can find it on the app store under the name StoryArt. This application was developed by ryzenrise – one of the application developers specializing in editing and editing your images and videos to become more attractive and professional. If you really want your profile to be genuinely engaging and professional like the profile of real photo models, StoryArt is the one you should not miss.


So what can StoryArt edit in your personal profile account? After downloading this application to your phone, StoryArt will ask for access to the image library on your phone. Accepting this request, users can take photos in the machine and start editing work. With this application, you will customize and edit a lot of things in a picture. First, users can insert short text to highlight the meaning of the photo. With many captions, meaningful quotes installed by the app into the app, you can take advantage of everything to make the picture come alive and express your own personality. Not only that, but the application also allows you to choose fonts, customize font size to put in a reasonable position. It can be said that this application is beneficial when giving users suggestions for meaningful words. If you take advantage of all the great things in the app, your profile will be much more professional and creative. Besides, StoryArt also gives users many beautiful color filters. With the ability that this app can do, users can change color effects freely.

This function can make your photos more quality, more suitable for each specific scene in the image. As a result, you will attract more followers on social networking applications. In addition, the app also has another outstanding function is video editing. Not only to a custom image, but the application also allows you to edit videos relatively professional. If compared with other applications that require high configuration on the PC platform, the ability of this application will certainly not be high. However, with an app designed on the phone, users absolutely can be confident with what StoryArt can do. This great application can still bring you a lot of utilities in collage and customizing the speed of Videos. And you absolutely can be confident about their quality when deciding to share on Instagram’s homepage.


It can be said that, with a specialized editing application on the phone, users can hardly find a better application StoryArt. When downloading the application to your device, users will be free to enjoy many of the outstanding features of the app. The first feature I have to mention is the ability to customize the layout of the image. You will have more than 1000 different collage templates to use, and each model will be designed extremely diverse in colors and shapes so that users can turn to do many creative things with their profile. If you want, you absolutely can create a story about your life and make it stand out in front of others in the Instagram user community. Besides, the application also brings more than 60 different topics for users to choose from. Each theme will have different designs and colors, including Film, Retro, Minimalism, Polaroid.

Thanks to this superior feature, users can edit and show the results with your friends. You can also apply the above features to share on Instagram’s story. This way, your profile will be more attractive and professional than ever. In addition, users can make their profile more beautiful with the Highlight Cover Marker feature. This feature will highlight the meaningful things in the photo you want others to see. At the same time, your photos will come to life with more than 120 different icons and stickers to attach. If your personality does not want your photos to be bleak and too monotonous, highlighting them with Highlight elements will make the picture more natural to get more people’s attention. And all of the above features will be customized and updated by the team of designers on a regular basis. All for the needs and desires of creative users. We can say, StoryArt is a great application, promising to bring new and unique experiences for you to create a perfect Instagram profile your way.

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