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Street Racing 3D – one of the most multiplayer electronic racing games on the phone platform. If you are a speed enthusiast, this is definitely a game you should not miss.


Like many electronic racing games of the same genre, Street Racing 3D will have realistic and extremely attractive 3D gameplay. And your goal in this game is also very familiar, it’s to try to win all the speed races that you participate in. Of course, you will not be able to accomplish this goal easily because other opponents always try to run faster than you or even knock you down to left you behind. Therefore, you will need a lot of practice to complete the race with the most professional racing technique. Not only must you have technical racing, but you also need to have a strong car. True, a real race never lacks speed cars, because it is one of the main factors that make the player can win against other rivals. Through the races where you earn high achievements, the game will give you the rewards worthy of that achievement. And the most valuable reward in this game is coins and diamonds. There will be a lot of things you can buy that correspond to the number of coins or diamonds you have, such as upgrading the details of the car, changing its appearance, buying new supercars, and lots of others. Almost all races taking place in this game operate in PvP mode. Therefore, I think you will need to be mentally prepared before the dramatic and choking races.


In Street Racing 3D, the game offers you a large number of different supercars to explore. With over 30 unique supercars with different levels and strengths, you will be able to feel very clear about the difference between new cars after you unlock them. Not only that, as I mentioned, your vehicle can be fully upgraded to become faster. So do not hesitate to spend money and enhance it. Besides, this game has many different tracks for you to experience. Each track will have different challenging roads, and they will all require you to control the car professionally to overcome it at the highest speed. Overall, this is also one of the attractive features of this game. Of course, Street Racing 3D has a lot of other features that I haven’t mentioned in this article. If you like this game, do not hesitate to download it to your phone and experience.

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V6.4.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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