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    February 14, 2020 at 1:51 am
MOD Info?

– Endless money and keys;
– Completed training
– Disabled ads
– Bought all the characters, skateboards and skins (including those that were in the old versions).

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features:

  • High jumps;
  • X1000 multiplier;
  • Great record.

Subway Surfers can be viewed as one of the game is the most successful game of all time because right on Google Play it has received 1 billion downloads. With simple gameplay and fun graphic design, it offers real entertainment hours for players around the world. You can instantly download it to your device and play without thinking about anything. It is a free game; almost everything is provided without requiring you to pay any fee. It only challenges your patience and ability. If you want to top up, it’s okay, but it’s not necessary. You can enjoy its diversity in a completely free way. This has been maintained since the game started to be released to the present, so it attracted many gamers to come to me.

Manufacturer of “Subway Surfers” is a name so renowned in modern game production. Their game store only has a few products. However, their game follows the principle of colorful and eye-catching. Finally, the highest motto they set is that everything under their ownership is released free of charge. In general, these games are very diverse in gameplay, beautiful image design, and straightforward gameplay. If you want to test one of them, don’t hesitate to download it immediately because it’s free.

DASH as fast as you can!

The gameplay of the game is simple. “Subway Surfers” is one of the most representative representatives of the endless running style. You will control the character and move an infinite distance. If you are skillful and patient enough, you can say that the distance you run has no stopped at all. You can run until your hands are tired and your eyes become painful, and your ability to handle is reduced. At that time and he will accidentally bump into a particular place and end one turn. There is exciting information that 1 Channel YouTube is live stream the infinite running process of this “Subway Surfers” game. This Channel owner uses a bot, and it can automatically evade all challenges. This absurdity also makes many players feel excited.

DODGE the oncoming trains!

As mentioned above, the game is not infinite if the player is still human. On the way you run will have a lot of different challenges require you to coordinate a lot of moving action. You will have to swipe the screen horizontally so that your character can switch tracks, avoiding touching objects that the game has arranged in advance. “Subway Surfers” is designed with three lanes in parallel, so players have the right to decide where they are moving.

The other two movements you have to do is to jump up and curl up. In general, there are some obstacles that have unique characteristics that you can use to avoid them without affecting the movement. In addition to the challenges, there are two things that often appear on your path are gold coins and bonuses. Coins, of course, give you a certain amount of money to upgrade your character and buy new characters, and the gift will make you have the benefit of moving. Make the most of it to move the longest distance.

Colorful and vivid HD graphics!

Subway Surfers are considered one of Kiloo’s most successful products thanks to its design with an eye-catching appearance. For those who have experienced this product, you can quickly understand why it attracts so many players. First, when you come into contact with, it will immediately see that the game is filled with many different dynamic colors. It is like a fusion of street graffiti painting into the culture of all countries of the world.

True to its name, “Subway Surfers” tells the story of a young boy with a rebellious and hilarious personality. He angered the fat policeman with his dog, causing the two to chase the boy to arrest him at the police station. But that was not easy for such a clever kid. The race will take place right on the railroad tracks are arranged along with a vast imaginary city. His unique ability is that he can use his board to glide on rails like he is surfing. When he started using his board, it was called immortality on the path he was running; nothing could be prevented. This city is the most remarkable feature of the game when it will be designed based on different times. During the updated week, the game will have specific customizations to suit many countries around the world.

Challenge and help your friends!

Sometimes it will come to France to guide the boy to run around beautiful Paris, or a version of the player will adventure to the giant pyramids in Cairo. Much free time, you will be led to any crowded cafes of Asians, China always welcomes these guests. In each place, “Subway Surfers” will be designed according to a separate theme even suitable for the special occasion of that land. All this and stimulate passion and curiosity of a lot of players around the world. Everyone wants to travel. Moreover, it’s free.

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V1.115.0 (MENU MOD)

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