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Since the advent of smartphones, the selfie movement has since appeared, which has become a form of entertainment that young people often use in their lives. Selfie is not only a form of entertainment, but it is also a means to promote your reputation, become famous in the online community. Not only that, every day we can share our dress styles and other basic things to change ourselves. Selfie not only applies to yourself but can also record memorable memories with family or friends. Therefore, mobile devices have been constantly developing cameras so that users can create the best selfies on their devices. But just the default camera is not enough, users want to make it easier to edit photos, have a wide area function to be able to arbitrarily create the best selfie. And today, I will introduce you to such an application, which is “Sweet Selfie”. One of the most popular apps on the market with over 300 million downloads. It can be considered as one of the best selfie support apps that users can trust to use.


To be able to support users to create great selfies, it must also come with special features. Starting with the ability to edit automatically, compared to the default camera, they usually only record everything around us. But this app is different because it automatically recognizes our faces and starts running some special features to make our faces look better. For example, whitening your teeth when you smile, erasing acne marks on your face, even automatically adjusting the whiteness of your skin as standard. But just with such features is not enough, it must be more wonderful than that.

– If users do not want the automatic feature, they can adjust according to their own wishes, the application will also come with a great editor for users. With the ability to change everything related to our body, even change our appearance and physique, to become a completely different person from this modification. Being a stout girl to being a sexy model will not be a difficult problem with this application.

– The ability to blur the background

You know, a selfie must show the center of the image, it’s us. Because there are some instances of unnecessary scenes in our photos. But that’s no longer the point because the app can select targets and begin to blur everything around them. You just need to select someone yourself, and the application will start analyzing and proceeding to blur the background.

– Filters & effects

Just a normal selfie will not appeal to everyone, so must use reasonable filters. The filter can also come with some special effects to make the image more special. Becoming a celebrity is not a difficult task when you know how to choose filters and effects appropriately.
If you want, you can edit the image yourself, add effects or use certain filters to edit, for example. You are free to do everything you want with your photos with this great feature.

If you are a Selfie lover and often share them on social media, you might want to use “Sweet Selfie”. It will become the best tool to help you create great photos.

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