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In the past, people used to contact each other by road mail, sometimes it took more than a month for mail to reach the place because the road at that time was not guaranteed. There are some who often use trained pigeons to make mail faster by flying birds, but not everyone can own such a pigeon family. Until the information period began to appear and develop, at that time people could communicate with each other by means of communication equipment by lines. After the era of electromagnetic waves, people began to develop and produce mobile phones to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere.

With mobile phones, we can send messages or communicate with each other by phone easily and quickly. But today, when smartphones have appeared on the market with more advanced features, it is possible to continuously send messages with photos or special characters, even able to send accompanying files. Call function can now make video calls, meet face-to-face via the phone screen easily and conveniently. Today many applications come with 2 calling and messaging features, one of which is called TextNow, produced and developed by TextNow, Inc. This application will help people can communicate with each other through messaging, phone calls or video calls easily. Not only that but it is also possible to scan the user subscribers around us to be able to get acquainted and make friends with people around them.


For everyone to contact each other comfortably, the limit on the size of the message does not exist in this application. You can send as much as you want to your friends, relatives, … The number of users of this application is very crowded in areas like the US and Canada, if you are a local, the feature is not limited. The term will apply to you.

Not only texting or messages with pictures, files are free, but unlimited call also applies in “TextNow”. Users only need to exchange contact information with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues to easily communicate without restrictions. All of these two features are very low cost, only $ 0.01 that we can contact people not only locally but also can communicate internationally, more than 230 countries can be contacted with this app. You can pay for yourself or receive money from offers that the application makes, both easy and can handle low-cost calls.

Inside the 2 messaging and call features, users can also use other special features. Starting with texting, users can not only send text messages but also add emojis, stickers, gifs.mages in messages, all emoji, stickers, and gifs are free. Sending images is not enough, you can also save other image messages from everyone, manipulation is very easy and fast, just hold your hand on the photos and other features will appear. Before sending the message, the user can use the signature and add at the end of the message and send if desired.

To make it more convenient for everyone by meeting face-to-face via smartphones, the video call is included in the application. If you do not like using a normal call, you can share video calls with friends, relatives even a chat group can join video calls. If the user is busy or unable to hear the incoming call. They can turn on the voicemail transcription feature so that the callers leave a message. These messages will automatically be saved in a separate section, easily check the caller information and the time the message is made.

This application can replace the user’s default contacts, has added contact information, changed the username and attached to other details to easily identify incoming calls. Not only that, but it can also accompany separate ringtones and wallpapers for some subscribers in the phone book. Do you want to keep your message information, call history confidential? Don’t worry, the app will ensure privacy for you with PassCode. This feature will prevent others from being able to access the messages, call history for your device. Ensure privacy and security for users.

In case the user changes the device, the application also features the synchronization of user information. Just log in to the app and sync with cloud saves, users simply need to download the app again on another device and log in again. All user information will be synchronized from a cloud save to device. Or you can use many different devices and access an account, just confirm the user’s information that the user can use on other devices.

If you are always in contact with your friends and get to know people then the TextNow app will be the perfect choice for your device.

All link download for TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App
Download TextNow
V20.39.0.2 (Premium)
Download TextNow
V20.31.0.2 (Premium)
Download TextNow
V20.21.0.1 (Premium)


This update is for those who have no issue logging in. The others can try this workaround:

Note: In this way will lose your number, account and conversations.

1. Log into Google account smartly password storage and delete TextNow if there.
2. If the same as gmail change the primary email address associated with your Facebook account with a free outlook.com email.
3. Download and install patched version.
4. Choose Facebook as login option and use the new primary email login.
5. Register a new TextNow account and pick a new number.

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