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TFT: Teamfight Tactics is one of the most talked strategy games in the current time. It is a product of Riot Games, Inc. just released in 2019 and became famous thanks to its appeal.

League of legends and favourite modified mode

At the present time, LOL has up to 148 champions for players to choose for their battle. What players feel most angry about is the unsatisfied fights due to the bad teammates. In TFT, players are allowed to control an army and each character will promote all of their own power. These champions will get their ideas directly from LOL, so it’s like you are participating in continuous battles until the final winner is selected.

Each character will receive a skill directly extracted from their original skill set. These units will have a separate MP bar, each time it is fully charged the skill will automatically execute. MP bar can only be filled by hitting enemies or taking damage. This is how champions can fight automatically without player intervention. You only have the right to arrange the position and choose the units that you feel fit into the battle only.

How the power works in TFT

The champions have 3 ways to show the power in the game. First is the basic skill, then the star level of each unit and then the comps. Skills have been mentioned before and there are 2 ways to make this skill stronger. You must mount items and give a unit with beneficial stats to make them stronger. But champions with high star levels are much stronger. They cannot raise the star level themselves through battle. You must recruit 3 similar units, they will combine themselves to create a 2-stars unit, and these 3 units will also combine to create a 3-stars unit. This means that to get a 3-stars unit you must recruit 9 1-stars units. In addition, units that are recruited with more money will be stronger than cheaper units.
Comps are the way that the same origin and class units work together. If units are placed on the battlefield of the same class and origin, they will form a comp and receive additional power effects. This type of power is the main way a player must decide when participating in a match. If you do not form a complete comp and are able to compete with other players, you will be quickly eliminated.

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