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tinyCam PRO - Swiss knife to monitor IP cam

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Currently, the system is security no longer guaranteed as it used to be. Thefts are becoming so prevalent all over the world that people are bewildered and worried about the safety of their families. There are many options for people to choose to protect their property and family. Among them, the solution that many people want and trust is to install a camera system to monitor their house. Not only ordinary people but also national governments have used this solution to be able to keep track of things happening everywhere. Or follow the dangerous criminals to be able to know where they are and arrest them. But to install the camera, users can only monitor specific specified devices only. This limits the ability to keep track of everything in your home. So users had another option that is using their phone to connect to the cameras.


Thanks to the help of the tinyCam PRO app, users were able to view everything with the camera anywhere. The application developed by Tiny Solutions LLC, is a company specializing in monitoring applications extremely famous worldwide. Coming to this application, users can observe everything happening in their homes everywhere. Many users around the world have trusted this application. The evidence for this is that millions of people download and use this application worldwide.

Protect Your Important Things

This is the most crucial feature of this application and also the most popular user of the application. When a user installs a camera system, they will usually only be able to view them on specific devices. But thanks to the help of this app, they can use any device we want to be able to see everything through the camera. This feature will give users the feeling of peace of mind as possible, will no longer worry when traveling away from home anymore. For example, users with children and you can not rest assured when your children at home alone. With this app, you can track where your children are and what they do in their homes to find out there is anything wrong with them or not. And if something unfortunate happens, the user can respond immediately to avoid a dangerous situation.

Nearby Camera Observation

Not only does it allow users to view their cameras, but public cameras can also be seen in their area. This is an excellent feature that few other applications on the market can do. No, but keeping track of what happens in your home, users can keep track of everything happening inside their neighborhood.

Video Storage

After the memory is full and the user does not clean it to continue storing, the cameras will automatically delete all previously saved data so that they can continue their work. But this may accidentally delete important data that users do not want to delete. So the creative team of this application knew this in advance and allowed users to upload videos directly to the cloud storage. This ability will help a lot for users because if the videos are deleted during work, users can easily find them again. This feature also helps users save a lot of device memory capacity to use for other things.

Multi-Camera Observation Support

Not only one or two, but the app supports users to view up to 16 cameras at a time. But this will depend on the device the user is using to observe. If it is a computer screen, it will directly display 16 cameras at the same time for users to watch. But if it is a phone, they will be displayed in groups of 4 cameras at the same time for users to observe. If you want to view other cameras besides these 4, then use your fingers to swipe to the right to forward. And if you want to see a specific camera clearly, you need to select that camera, and all the other cameras will disappear to make room for that camera.

tinyCam Monitor PRO is an application that users should not ignore it. It will be a handy support tool for users to observe and protect their essential things.

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