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MOD Info Unlimited Moves
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Update February 23, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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  • Infinite boosters;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod, in which you can enable 100 moves in each level.

Are you free during breaks or do not know what to do while relaxing? Then I know an effective way to keep you happy in your free time. And that is playing the famous puzzle game Toon Blast to fill the gaps of your day. It is also one of the hottest games on the market for its entertainment brought to the game. Because of that, if you have free time to play the game then you will probably want to check out this game.


Toon Blast allows you to take part in the adventure around the world of a trio of adorable animal friends. And their journey will be expressed through simple and challenging puzzles. The gameplay is very simple, it’s not like the match-3 puzzle genre that you often see on the market. Instead, you just need Tap on blocks of the same color to collect them. The requirement to collect is that they need to be 2 blocks large and must stand close to each other, and when you tap their gathering position will be exactly where you choose. Because of that, it will be easier for you to select the appropriate blocks to create a huge combo, the more blocks you collect, the higher the score will be multiplied.

Also during the challenge, you will be introduced through special modifiers. These blocks will be created when you combine the required number of color blocks, so it can be said that the type of auxiliary block will depend on how you position. To arrange an auxiliary block line, you need to rely on the different colored blocks around it and break them up to be able to arrange a block line with the required number. The higher the number of blocks, the greater the effect of the auxiliary block.

Here I will list out the auxiliary blocks currently in the game and how they work:

– First, Rocket, they will be created when you connect 5 or 6 blocks of the same color together, they will destroy a straight line according to their direction. All blocks destroyed in its path will be counted as points but not multiplied.
– The second is Bomb: They are formed when you connect 7 or 8 blocks together, they will explode and destroy the blocks around them.
– Finally Discoball: Will be created when connecting 9 or higher. They work to destroy other blocks of the same color regardless of their location. For example, if the disco ball is red, it will destroy other red blocks appearing on the screen.

The special thing about auxiliary blocks is that when you combine any two types of auxiliary blocks, the effect will be cumulative and the level of destruction will be greater and bring a huge number of points for you.

With such simple gameplay, your task is to complete all the challenges in the best way and discover the special stories of these three animal friends.


Adventure will take place in many different locations, each one will include many different challenges for you. Each type of challenge will have a very special layout and requires you to have good observation skills to quickly complete the challenge.

Each challenge will be assessed through 3 levels, and they will be displayed by Star. Once you have collected all required stars, you can unlock the reward chest. The reward will be great and enough to pay for all your hard work in the past journeys.

Each of your challenges will have a limit on the number of turns you can take. You lose a turn when destroying a certain block, and if you use all the turns but have not completed the challenge, it will be considered a failure. Conversely, the more you complete the challenge with the balance of the first leg, the greater your score will be added.

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