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Traffix is an exciting genre game. The game has quite simple graphics with gradient colors. Join the game, and the player will become a moderator of the traffic lights, and control all roads. This is a game for those who love perfection. Only when driven by the perfect distance, there will be no accident. The game requires players to have an overview and know how to combine small details. To do this, you will need to have a quick look. Let’s go to see what Traffix gives players.


Traffix is played from the top down. Players will look at the traffic in a city and adjust the traffic lights on each street. There are many famous cities in the game, such as Sydney, Havana, San Francisco, for example. Each city is a level. After completing a level, players will be assessed on a three-star scale. If you pass, a new level will be opened. And if you complete with three stars, you can play in Chaos mode.

Rules of the game

In each level, a path will appear. And it’s your job to control the lanes on those segments. It is you who decides which lights will be turned on, which lights stay off, so the roads always have vehicles moving. For a red light: all cars will stop and wait for a yellow light: only one vehicle will pass, for a green light: all cars will pass until a red light appears. By default, all traffic lights will be red. When you click, it will turn yellow, and after a car has passed, it will turn red again. If you want to turn on the green light for all vehicles, double-tap. However, this way will be a bit dangerous because all vehicles on that lane will rush in the road, causing accidents. And of course, yellow light is the safest option. But if you leave the cars behind you wait too long, they will be angry. The most important thing is to choose the right time to turn on the light because if you turn on too soon, the collision will be more likely to occur. Have you felt any difficulty in the game yet?

Chaos Mode: Each time a player completes a level and receives a 3-star rating, the player will be given Chaos level. In this mode, there will be police cars – priority vehicles. You must control them so that no accident occurs. Only one disaster is enough to make you fail and be forced to play from the beginning.


The game has quite simple graphics. The background will be white, while the paths are all filled with a gradient color. There are only two tones, so they look very minimalist. The vehicles in the game are colored in black. Meanwhile, the cars you have to control are white. The traffic lights will not have a three-color lamppost as in reality, but just a circle and they will change color after you press the volume.

With minimalist graphics and equally simple gameplay, the game can be played by any age. Moreover, watching the flow of traffic is really very beautiful and very satisfying.

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